A girl lived once, a long time ago
Her name, that we will never know
Her body, frail and fraught with ills
Her hands skilled in very few skills

She watched with eyes so full of light
The warriors and mages training to fight
Their weapons shone brightly in the sun
The battle, it seemed, was already won

She wished and wished that she might fight
To help the cause, to do what's right
Yet the ways of the Warriors and Rangers too
She was not suited... she would not do

The children in the water played
She quietly lay in the shade
Yet in the shadows, a figure, hated
Watched the children and also waited

The leather ball flew into the air
The children laughed, without a care
The girl ran, the ball to claim
A dark voice began calling her name

Her eyes widened, she screamed in need
Yet the scream, the children did not heed
Instead, they gazed towards the sky
As warriors raised the battle cry

They fought and fought and bled and died
Reinforcements, the lookout spied
And with a last triumphant roar
The attackers were driven from their shore

On and on, they searched all 'round
Yet the little girl was not found
They gave up as much time passed
There was no sight of the sickly lass

Yet on a fine day in the midst of May
Whilst the children were out to play
A whistled tune was heard outside
A young lady in did stride

She smiled and laughed as they realized
This girl was the daughter that they prized
Yet something about her seemed somewhat wrong
This girl, she was uncommonly strong

Her story, she would not tell
She didn't remember it very well
And so they gave up on her tale
Only hoping her strength did not fail

Fighters, mages, rangers did unite
Another battle they did fight
This was a little worst than the rest
Their best fighter, the enemy did best

As the Enemy raised his blade on high
A small voice he heard nearby
"Stop!" was the cry of that young maid
Whose word alone, the challenge made

A cruel smirk swept over his face
"Would you die in his place?"
"I would" she said, she would not sway
"Yet you'll be the one to die this day."

She spread her hands and said "You'll learn,"
We'll all die, when it's our turn
My time, not yet has it passed
Yet today, you'll breathe your last"

Speaking a few words of power
She killed the man that very hour
His body, it was carried away
By the army defeated that day

The powerful warrior who dying lay
Softly, he began to pray
The young lady whispered in his ear
"Virtue will hold you here."

Her hands were laid upon his face
Broken bones knit back into place
His wounds closed, his eyes grew wide
What power must she have inside!

Yet never to anyone would she impart
The treasured secret of her art
In power, wisdom, and prowess, she grew
Until the fighting began anew

On that day, the voice again did call
The woman did, into Darkness, fall
Many men fought, they bled and died
The Dark Army won, under her watchful eye