The sun had begun to set while I perched on the rock like a predator waiting for its prey. I looked over the massive boulder and watched golden locks fly in the air like rays of the sun. Lips as deadly as blood smeared her milky face. Time seemed to stop while she gracefully danced in the sunlight as beautiful and dangerous as a thorny rose. Her dress moved as though it was a part of her body, twirling at the slightest movement. Clear blue eyes sparkled like two precious gems shimmering in the sunlight. She danced like a flower floating on the water. She began to sing a mournful tune as she danced. Her voice was as clear as a bell and as beautiful as the sound of a violin. The sad tune was carried on by the peaceful wind, echoing across the fields and mountains. Everything else was silent, the forests and animals stopped and listened to the melancholy song. The sun was about to set and she stopped. Grief overcame her face as her once shiny golden hair now became lifeless and dull. Her eyes did not sparkle nor were they clear. Cold grey eyes stared into the darkness. Then, she turned and faced the cliff were hints of sunlight were being engulfed by murkiness. She floated to the edge and stared down at the crashing waves. She stared at the angry sea and the horizon. Then, shiny blue dolphins appeared out of the sea and leaped out of the water. They shimmered even in the darkness. They jumped and laughed together as if they knew nothing of pain. Then I remembered she always wanted to be with the dolphins, to be carefree and happy. She spread her arms like an eagle and slowly fell of the deadly cliff. I ran to the edge and watched her soar through the air like a dove. She looked like a fallen angel, plunging to her death. Then the beauty abruptly ended as her beautiful body lay eagle sprawled on the angry ocean. The sea became an angry shade of red as her body slowly floated to the bottom of the ocean. I felt tears swell in my eyes from her death. But not just her death, but of the beauty of it. Her death was strangely beautiful, for I laid there in awe as she plunged to the sea. I wiped my tears and got up. But just before I left, I saw a white dolphin leap into the air as graceful as a bird soaring through the sky. The white dolphin joined the others and swam away into the ocean. She always wanted to be with the dolphins.