Inspired By A Dream

By: Morwen

Inspired by a dream I had

I walked down by the sea,

And everything I came upon

seemed to speak to me.

The wind spoke of a romance

between a sparrow and a whale.

The crashing waves held stories

of a thousand ships set sail.

I listened to a seagull

who was never far from home.

He wanted nothing more than food,

and to never be alone.

The seashells sung of clams and crabs

that used to stay with them,

But grew to large for their confines

and one day moved again.

I walked and walked and walked and walked

along that sandy shore

'Till I'd heard all the stories,

there simply were no more.

Inspired by a dream I had

I left the chattering sea,

And everything I had come upon

who egarly spoke to me.

A.N. I wrote and edited this at midnight. Wow. Hope you enjoy! Dedicated to DrainChyld who in response to my poem 'Black and White' told me that the world was clear! ~Morwen and Dae