At the Edge

I stand at the edge of destruction.

I can't go back.

Others wait here as well.

They may go back.

But not me.

My life has come crashing down.

All the walls I built,

Have come tumbling down.

Destroyed by my own idiocy.

And naiveté.

All the shields I put up,

Have been shattered,

Like so many forgotten lives,

Tossed into a cold, hard, uncaring world.

My dreams and hopes relinquished,

I do not fear.

I have nothing left.

My soul,

Long since gone.

Lost and deserted,

In battles too hard to fight


I have only my life.

And I give that up willingly.

I never wanted it in the first place.

Just a quick little poem I whipped up. After drinking a Jones soda, I inspected the cap 'Write a poem.' was the fortune. And knowing the supreme all-mighty power of bottle caps, I decided to.

At any rate, it's not really about me. Just someone who has lost their will to live.