Author's Note: My muse came up with this in a Dayquil-induced state, whereupon she woke me up from my sleepy haze to make me write it down. I've always been intrigued by dreams, as well as the short span of time before wakefulness and sleep (I'm an ex-Psych major- go figure). Love it, hate it? Make sure you let the folks at Dayquil know! If for by some weird chance you decide you like this trippy poem, let me know before you whisk it off to another site.

"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you." -Tinkerbell, Hook

Sacred Place

By Sarie

In this quiet place

time seems nearly tangible,

a filmy layer I can reach for

which clings to me like cobweb.

In reality, the indifferent world

with its harsh truth,

I hold you close

and know you will not stay.

But in this pleasant drifting,

the lapse between dreams and waking

where everyone is a philosopher,

I know how to master our fate.

I can be (or choose not to be)

whomever and wherever I please,

and in this fleeting state of non-existence

can make a dwelling for us

It is sacred what we have here

where we can sweetly linger,

content in each others arms

for as long dreams do descend.

In this quiet place.