Swords, Dragons, and Princesses
By: A.S.H.
Chapter 1: Let's Fight!

"When did you say you'd be done?" a soft voice sleepily groaned, "You can't
save people if you're concerned about your appearance."
"In a few minutes Wind Taker," a young man pushed his hair back, and it fell
back into place again, "besides, appearances can be deceiving!"
"That made no sense!" the voice moaned, "Hurry, or we'll be late."
"Fine!" the young man stepped out from behind the curtain, "Don't I look like my
A large cobalt blue eye stared at the young man, "Yeah, you do. The resemblance
is uncanny!" The large eye blinked and raised up. A silver dragon stared down at the
young man.
"Mom says if I was a foot taller, and a tad older, I'd be his exact twin!" the young
man smiled as he looked over at a picture of him and his father.
"Garu..." the dragon sighed.
"I know," Garu looked up, "we gotta get going or else we'll be late."
"I'll meet you outside," the dragon shrunk and flew out the door.
"Yeah!" the young man nodded at the picture, "Today I'm gonna win!"


When Garu got to the kitchen, his mother waved and handed him a pouch, "Be
sure to buy some food. Tes really wants chicken tonight."
Tes wrapped her arms around her brother's knee and hugged him, "Be sure to win
too! I really wanna meet the Princess! I heard she's very pretty!"
"I'll try!" Garu knelt and handed Tes a golden chain, "How's about you wear this
for me today for good luck?"
"Ok!" Tes slipped the dainty chain over her neck.
"See you guys later!" Garu said as he ran out the door.
"There you are Garu!" the dragon huffed a puff of smoke.
"Ready to fly, Wind Taker?" Garu grinned.
"Always," Wind Taker spread he wings wide and Garu hopped on. They soon
were thousands of feet in the air. Wind Taker dove downwards and when the updraft
took over, they landed safely on the ground. Wind Taker shrunk again and sat on Garu's
"Excited?" Wind Taker whispered.
"Yep," Garu walked over to a silver booth.
"I guess," Garu shrugged as he signed a paper and picked a number.
"Oh yeah..." Garu's eyes rolled as he saw all the dragons.
There was always a tournament in Huji with dragons to see who would become
another knight for the kingdom. Garu always was taken out during the semi-finals, but he
trained for a couple years before he came back. He sighed as he stepped past all the other
qualified men.
"Don't be intimidated by them!" Wind Taker made a tiny growl, "Besides, all
those dragons are other colors. I haven't seen any other silver or black."
"What about gold?" Garu adjusted his sword holster.
"Hmm," Wind Taker gazed around, "I would be able to sense them, so you're
gonna be fine!"
"Ladies and gentleman please take your seats." a voice came over the speakers,
"Dragons, and all contestants report to the center ring. The competition is about to
"Our cue," Wind Taker smiled as Garu walked out towards the center ring with
the other dragons and contestants.
The ring was very large. A normal sized dragon was about fifty yards long and
any type of width. But it was best to keep a dragon skinny for better maneuvering. The
ring could fit any where from the least amount of one to six dragons.
"Here we go!" Wind Taker smiled as they rounded the circle.
The competition was also a game. Royalty would bet on a dragon to win, and win
money if they chose a good enough one. Garu saw it as nothing but a bunch of rich old
people trying to make fun of the common people. But Garu was stronger since he was
last in the competition. It was much more fun now.
In the booth the King Nio-Hij, Queen Nio-Yusa, and the Princess stared at all of
the contestants.
"I say that tall man," the King pointed to a man with a silver dragon perched on
his arm, "put my money on him."
"That man with the black dragon." the Queen smiled as she pointed to another
The Princess scanned the twenty contestants and locked eyes with Garu. She
smiled and waved. Garu waved back, winking lightly. The Princess blushed, "I'll take the
young man with the silver dragon!"
"Are you sure darling?" the Queen stared at Garu, "He's awfully small."
"Don't judge a book by it's cover mother," the Princess smiled.
After all the bets were placed, the contestants and dragons went to the training
tent. There Garu sat and drank some water. Wind Taker curled up in Garu's lap and slept.
"Aren't you going to train?" a man walked up to Garu.
"Nah," Garu shrugged, "Why should we have to train? I think that if you're a
really good knight, you can be in tune with your dragon."
"So what is your dragon thinking now?" the man kneeled.
"How good you'd taste with garlic," Wind Taker smiled as she licked her scaly
lips with her forked tongue.
The man walked away and Garu chuckled. Wind Taker huffed, "I had to say
something to make him leave us to rest."
The competition went on without any problems, and it was finally Garu and Wind
Taker's turn.
When they got to the ring, Garu sighed, "I wish that dad could see me now."
"Keep focused," Wind Taker froze, "I feel a black dragon!"
"What?" Garu stared at the other entrance and saw a small black dragon resting
on the arm of the contestant that Garu would face. They stared at each other and Garu
pulled his sword. Wind Taker grew (1) and hovered above Garu.
The man smiled and the black dragon grew. He pulled his sword slowly, "May the
gods have pity on your soul."
Wind Taker grinned and spun around Garu. The man gasped and tried to hold his
ground, but the funnel Wind Taker was creating was pulling him in. He was finally
pulled in and Wind Taker dove at the black dragon, striking him in the gut, and out of the
Garu held his sword at the man's neck, "May the gods have pity on you!"
Garu walked away and Wind Taker followed. The Princess smiled as her mother
shook her head, "Well, I lost my bet even before the semi-finals!"
"Oh well." the Princess shrugged.
"That dragon," the King stared after Wind Taker and Garu, "I think I've seen
them both before."
After another fight, which Garu and Wind Taker won, they went to the tent to
listen for the semi-finalists.
The semi-finals were announced, Garu and Wind Taker made it. Garu smiled as
he drank more water, "I'm sure glad we made it this far!" Wind Taker grinned.
The five contestants and dragons entered the ring and listened to the directions on
what to do next, "First, the dragons all must face each other and only two shall survive.
Then the remaining two contestants shall sword fight in order to get first place."
All the contestants sat in their own booth above their dragon on the ground. Wind
Taker grew and set her head on the booth's rim, "See last time, it was that humans would
fight first. Now I can't blame our lose on you."
"Just try your best," Garu smiled, "and think of dad!"
"Right," Wind Taker turned to all the other dragons and gracefully pranced over
to the ring. She nodded at them all and saw they were all different colors, purple, red, and
green. But there was one black one.
"Let's play nice," Wind Taker growled.
After the bell sounded, Wind Taker stared at the black dragon and shifted her
eyes to the others. The black dragon charged at the purple dragon, biting his neck. The
purple dragon fell and gave up. Wind Taker flew around the two others and they knocked
into each other. She stopped and backed away. A fight between a silver and black dragon
was pretty evenly matched. So it was wise to not fight each other, and eliminate the
others so the humans could decide.
Wind Taker bowed and gracefully stepped out of the circle. The black dragon
nodded and walked away as well.
"Great job Wind Taker!" Garu jumped onto Wind Taker's neck, "I'm so proud!
Now you can blame the defeat on me!" Wind Taker nodded and shrunk and sat up in the
Garu walked to the circle and heard the crowd whispering. He knew that his name
would be mentioned. It was just a matter of how much of response he could handle.
"The last fight is between Hiy Hu and..." there was a long pause and Garu sighed.
'Here it comes,' he shivered.
"GARU JU!" the announcer yelled.
The crowd went into an uproar and Garu shook his head. He drew his sword, but
the man, Hiy Hu was completely motionless.
"Quiet!" the King yelled, "Let the games continue!"
The crowd hushed. Garu stared at Hiy Hu, who was frozen in place. He fell to his
knees, "I forfeit!"
Garu gasped as Hiy Hu placed his sword outside of the ring. He didn't want to
win by default, so he levitated the sword back into the ring, "Fight me!"
"Never!" the man walked away.
Garu sheathed his sword and stood in front of the royalty. They all wildly clapped
and cheered. Garu smirked as Wind Taker lightly sobbed on his shoulder, "I'm so proud
of my little boy!"
As Garu stood there, the Princess walked towards him. She held the money
reward and the golden star, "To the young man who won this match fair and square! I
dub thee, Sir Garu Ju!"
Everyone cheered and the Princess motioned for Garu to walk towards the castle
with her. He slowly trudged behind her. But he smiled.
'I finally won.'

(1) grew- Since I'm not a very patient person myself I didn't feel like describing it fully
as: ...from the size of a basketball the dragon grew to the size of a house.

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