This story is about a young boy named William Blade who has a constant hunger for adventure. He occasionally travels the vast lands of Ulysia with his companion Alexandria Connell in search of a mythical amulet that grants the wearer immortality. One day both of them find themselves in the city of Legaia, the capital city of Ulysia. As they approach the gates of the city a captain and seven guards approach them.

Captain: "Have you seen this man?"

The captain holds up a very old piece of paper with a drawing of a man with long brown hair and beard.

Captain: "This man is responsible for killing 20 of our guards and 50 other civilians with just one spell of dark magic. If you ever as to see this man avoid him at all costs cause he WILL kill you. He goes by the name of Cecil."

Will: "Is that all you are going to say?

Captain: "Very well then. Welcome to the capital of Ulysia, Legaia."

As Alex and Will were walking Alex suddenly elbowed Will.

Alex: "Do you think really think that one man can kill that many people?"

Will: "Well I have heard rumors of powerful magic from an old mage but I never knew that someone would actually know how to chant it. The old man said that these spells are so ancient that none can understand it."

Both of them went into an inn. They can hear the laughing and cheering of the towns people celebrating. Alex went to find a table while Will went over to get some drinks then both of them sat down and started talking. A drunk was walking around with two glasses of beer in each hand. One man was causally minding his own business by the fireplace. Though they couldn't see him entirely what they could see was that he was just smoking his pipe and reading an old book that looked like it was about fall apart. The door creaked open and all the people inside stopped what they were doing. There stood a hooded man with a steel plated staff with a gem on its tip and a sword with runic writings on its blade. He was limping and blood trailed behind him. All the men were staring at him while the women was whispering to each other. The man limped his way to the bartender and sat down to get a drink. He can barely lift his staff let alone his sword. Then he dropped his sword on the floor. His blood oozed down his robes sword.

Alex: "We should go find out what happened."

Will: "Yeah you're right."

They paused for a minute. Then Alex was getting concerned.

Alex: "Well why aren't you going?"

Will: "You thought of the idea so you go ask him."

Alex: "What! Oh alright."

As Alex slowly walked to the man the floor creaked beneath him. Every step he takes he thinks of the possibility of what happened. After minutes of heavy panting the man started talking to the bartender.

Hooded man: "One glass of wine."

Bartender: "Alright Coming right up."

Alex slowly tapped him then all of a sudden the man stood up facing Alex. He towered over Alex and he looked down upon him. Alex gradually looked up into his face. He could only see two blood-red eyes since the rest of his face is covered by his hood's shadow. Alex quickly ran back to William, stumbling on a few chairs and tables on the way back.

Alex: "I say we should leave."

Will: "What's Wrong?"

Alex: "..that thing ain't human."

Will: "What?"

Alex: "That thing has eyes as red as fire and I ain't going back there to find out what else is covered by that hood."

The hooded man was just standing there, waiting. Then unexpectedly he holds out his hand, which reveals a shimmering golden ring. For every second that passes by the ring rapidly continues to glow faster. The sword gradually rises to his cold palm and he raises his other hand which reveals a second ring but this time its has a prismatic look to it and the staff also steadily rises to his palm. For a while he just stands there still holding his staff and sword. Heavy panting can be heard emitting from him. Will stares at him while he slowly reaches down to his sword sheath but before he can grab the sword's handle he hears something moving behind him. It seems that the aged man that was by the fireplace was standing behind Will. He as well has a staff but this one was wooden with a crystal on its tip. Now that he stood up they could see he was a mage.


Cecil: "*laughs* Ah yes the mighty Magus. It surprises me to see that you're here. I never expected to see you here." Cecil's Staff starts to illuminate and he swiftly raises it in the air causing Magus to be trapped in a barrier of land.

Magus: "Is that the best you could do?"

The barrier that encircled Magus turns light blue and shatters to thousands of pieces of ice crystals. Afterwards a blue beam streaks across the room and it flows endlessly toward Cecil. Cecil tries to dodge the beam but it grazes him a little on his left shoulder. Now horizontal icicles hang from his shoulder.

Cecil: "Well is that your best? Humph you're grown weak Magus."

Magus snaps his fingers and the ice shatters to pieces, which slashes Cecil's shoulder. Will and Alex can only watch in amazement of the ongoing battle.

Alex: "I REALLY think we should leave."

Will: "No not now. I want to see who wins."

Alex: "Who cares who wins. I just want to stay alive. I still remember what the captain said about Cecil. He said "If you ever as to see this man avoid him at all costs cause he WILL kill you" so I'm following his advice and running away!"

Will sticks out his foot and Alex trips from the foot and goes colliding into a table, chair and the wall.

Will: "*sighs* I warned him."

Will picks up Alex and finds out that he's out cold. At the same moment Magus' and Cecil's battle continues to rage on. Cecil swings his sword towards Magus. It just barely misses him. Both Cecil and Magus grasp their staffs with anger. Drops of blood flow endlessly down Cecil's arm.

Cecil: "This meaningless battle shall end right here."

Cecil throws his cloak into the air and it lands on top him. Where Cecil was standing was now just his cloak and dark mist.

Magus: "He's gone.. For now."

Magus walks over to the cloak and picks it up. The cloak feels like a cloud of smoke only its solid. It emits a trail arctic mist when it's moved. He then walks next to the fireplace and hurls the cloak into the fire. The flames turn blue and the cloak merges with the fire and disappears almost instantly.