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Barius had set Andarius's body on the back of the black horse given to him by Nicholas. He was
headed back to his homeland.

"Do you plan to bury him when you get back to your home?" Red asked.

"No. I plan on reviving him." Barius answered darkly.

"What?" Red asked hesitantly.

"I have his soul don't I?"

"I thought that was only symbolic?"

Barius didn't answered so Red uncomfortably changed the subject.

"The Adver-Ties..." She began. Barius finished situating Andarius's body and turned to her to
listen. "They told me that they didn't put Lunaura into my body..." She said awkwardly
stumbling over the words. "They said she was always there..."

He shrugged. "Maybe she was..."

"But how?"

He shrugged again. "Perhaps she is a part of your unconscious." He jumped onto the horse. It
was smaller than Red's, but still tall enough to make Red wonder how he had gotten up without
help. He look back at Andarius's body which was tied behind him. Flovia rode up on a white
horse given to her by Red. She looked down at Red. Barius trotted off but Flovia stayed behind.

"I am sorry I was mean to you Lady Red." She said slowly. Red studied the younger girl whose
face was still streaked with tears. She nodded at the girl, but still Flovia stayed "Perhaps one
day we will meet again?" Flovia asked hesitantly.

"I would like that, Flovia." Red answered smiling. Flovia sighed in relief and turned to gallop
after Barius.


Red sat by the fire much like she had the first night she had met Barius. She had just buried the
dead; both her armies and the Adver-ties, though the two groups both had separate graves.

She held a mourning ceremony to remember the dead and paid some of the warriors their gold.
They were free to go but Damion, Lenna, Nicholas, Jacquel, and a few wounded stayed behind.

A figure watched her from the distance hidden in the bushes. The figure pulled out a knife and
crept toward Red. The figure was just about to attack Red when a voice said, "I wouldn't do that
if I were you."

Red turned to the figure smiling haughtily. It was her who had spoken but she wasn't Red...

"Ah. Ta-vek!" She greeted the figure. "Nice of you to join me. Sit down by the fire. You must
be cold."

Ta-vek did as she was told still clutching the knife by her side wondering how the woman had
known she was there. "You have killed Bak-neh!" Ta-vek said in a horse voice. "And my clans

"Not I, but Red."

"Then you are the being of whom she wishes to relieve?" Ta-vek said in wonder.

"I do have a name, but I don't expect you to use it. My host has finally found out who I really
am her."

"How can that be?"

"Red was never a real warrior. But human's adapt and I was merely a shield for her to hide
behind. But I suppose now that she has killed your clan, there is no need of me."

Ta-vek stood upon hearing her words. "I shall kill you being! And your host!" And she raised
the knife challengingly above her head. Lunaura smiled undaunted by her threats.

"Red has completed her task. She has killed the Adver-ties. Now she will rid herself of another
being. And what was once one became two. And what is two now becomes one again."

Ta-vek screamed and brought the knife down upon Lunaura with force. But she had leapt out of
the way.

Ta-vek suddenly found a sword through her abdomen. Jacquel pulled out the weapon and the
Adver-Ties woman fell down dead.

"Jacquel? What are you doing here?" The woman known to many as Red said. "Aren't you
supposed to be with Nicholas."

"He told me to get him a canteen, but I saw the woman attacking you."

"Thank you. Do you think she is the last of the Adver-Ties?" She wondered. Just then Nicholas
came running up and saw the dead woman.

"Geeze! You think you've killed them all but they keep on popping up!"

Lenna came out of the tent groggily. "What happened?" She wondered and then saw the dead
body. Her eyes widened. Then the warrior called Red began to laugh. The three looked at her
in surprise.

"What's so funny?" Nicholas wondered.

"What was once one became two. And what was two becomes one again."


"Lunaura." Red explained. "I remember now. I remember everything she ever did."

"Who?" Nicholas asked scratching his head. Lenna hugged her master.

"It's like she's become a part of me now. But then again we were never that different. I don't
know how, but she was me and I was her."

There was an awkward silence as Red continued to chuckle to herself. Nicholas still didn't
believe anything about Lunaura and Jacquel didn't know what to believe. Lenna was just glad
her master was happy as she continued to hug her.


Andarius lay smiling in bed with Flovia and Barius looking down at him.

"Don't ever scare us like that again!" Flovia said shaking his arm. He smiled.

"I won't. I will learn from my mistake." He said jokingly.

Flovia hugged him as Barius smiled down at his two students. "I think you are both ready to
become the new leaders of the temple." They looked at him in shock realizing what he might
be saying.

"Does that mean you are ready to become leader of this village's people?" An older woman's
voice said behind him. It was Chalesea. He bowed his head.

"Mother, you know I do not wish to lead our people." She hugged him.

"Yes, I know." She answered. "Perhaps being half descendant of the people of the cloud and the
people of the east makes this decision hard for you. Whatever decision you will make know that
I love you Barior." His mother said kissing him on the forehead.


"Goodbye Red." Nicholas said hugging the smaller woman.

"I'll see you in two seasons for your wedding, Nicholas!" Red squeaked from under the big
man's hug. He let go.

"I know." He answered. "I'll sure miss you though." He said smiling as he got onto his horse.

"Goodbye Lenna." He said nodding to the girl. She curtsied sweetly even though she wasn't
wearing a skirt.

"I'm ready Captain." Jacquel called from behind him. He had his own horse packed with
Nicholas's and his belongings.

"What will you do when Nicholas gets married?" Lenna asked the boy shyly. He shrugged.

"Nicholas said I should be ready to practice on my own without his guidance after that." He
shrugged. "And Damion might be able to continue teaching me after he's healed." He pointed
to the desert man with a bandaged around his chest.

"Oh." Lenna answered. "Red said I can stay with her a little while." She whispered to the boy.
"I hope Andarius is all right." She added worriedly. "Red wonders how Barius is doing too, but
she won't admit it." Lenna said giggling. Jacquel shrugged nonchalantly.

"Did you see how he killed the Adver-ties leader? With one quick stroke and the guy fell down
dead." He said remembering the battle.

"Time to go, Jacquel." Nicholas called. "Coming Captain! Bye, Lenna."

"Bye, Jacquel." She said suddenly feeling shy. He bowed respectably and she giggled.

"I was really worried when you died, Andie. I thought I'd never see you again." Flovia said
looking down at Andarius. He smiled and squeezed her hand. Just then Havar burst into the

"Where's my son?" He boomed to the two students.

"I... don't know." Flovia said confused. Chalasea followed her husband.

"I checked his room and he is not there." She said. "His sword and armor are gone." She
continued. Havar's eyes widened and he sighed and left the room with his wife in pursuit.
Andarius and Flovia shared a look.

"How could he just leave us?" She said lowly.

Andarius touched her arm reassuringly. "Magnus Demarch will be back. I have a feeling it will
not be the last time we will see him."

"I have a feeling we'll be seeing Red again too." Flovia muttered.

"You think so?"

"I do?" She said smiling. "And I look forward to when we meet again."

Barius rode upon his horse towards the East, leaving the mountains behind. The night stars
twinkled in the sky and a small sliver of a moon shone above him.

Red looked up into the same sky looking upon the same stars, yet in the East. She smiled to
herself and laughed lowly. Lenna looked at her master upon hearing her laugh.

"What is it, master?" She asked tugging at Red's sleeve. She smiled down at Lenna.

"Barius is coming." She said simply.

"How do you know?" Lenna said wide eyed.

"I don't know." She answered a little disturbed. "But I can just feel it."

She went inside and lit a candle awaiting the arrival of Barius the Paladin of the East and Barior
Magnus Demarch, descendant from the people of the cloud in the West.


Now to explain who the characters were somewhat based off of...

Redulla: RedLady (me... duh!)

Barius: Darkshin

Nicholas: Nukerliu and Hyper Guyver

Jacquel: BerserkRage and Warblade

Lenna: Karma50, Lener, and Alma Linda

Flovia: Alma Linda

Andarius: Chazbone and Hyper Guyver

Characters such as Havar, Chalasea, Ta-vek, Bak-neh, and Damion weren't really based off

I had notes written to each person who reviewed, but it got deleted and I am too lazy to write
them all over again. Thanks for reviewing and look forward to my next fantasy story, "Dread

I'm sorry for killing Andarius there for a little bit and for Flovia getting away with being
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