'Cause I'll Never Tell

By GLow

I really should tell you how I feel

Instead I hide behind the cloak of friendship

I've lied for far too long

Why can't I tell you that I care

Why do I lie to you about my feelings

Is it the fear of rejection?

I may never know

'Cause I'll never tell

Would you accept me if I told you?

Would it ever be the same?

Could I live without your friendship

I don't know 'cause I'll never tell

I never wanted cause you hurt or pain

Just know that

I would never want to hurt you

Please know that

If I ever hurt you I'm so sorry

I never meant it

Please forgive me for the awkwardness

'Cause I never meant to hurt you

Why did I lie?

I don't not fear rejection

Why won't I ever know?

'Cause I'll never tell