If only

If only the wars of the world would end

If only they could see

It's lots easier just to be friends

Like my Mom and me

If only people treated right

Everyone that's black or white

That would surly stop a fight or three

If only he had not gone out

After he had drank about

He's dead now, so live without

His love and company

If only she had been more kind

The police may not have had to find

A classmates body with knife crimson red and shined.

If only they had done things right

They might have missed that big, huge fight

Their son may not have cried himself to sleep


If only we could understand

The lonely girl with gun in hand

Her blood may not have stained the land like bleach

If only I were someone else

I'd finally be happy you see

I'd never cry or wanna die

But I do cause I'm me

If only we knew of others pain

Of how the suffer in hate and vain

We could help and understand

The teen on the bridge with gun in hand

But what separates them from us?

Their victims of life of hate and trust

Is the world always just?