Why is this world so hard to live in?

When it's just a simple thing?

Why are you married after vows

With the placment of a ring?

Life could be so simple

But it's not you know

That's why people run away

And don't know were to go.

Life is really hard

When it's supposed to be fun

Working hard is good of coarse

But the jobs seems never done

Why is there always more?

Something better to become?

Who is best? What is the test?

Are the rest of us just dumb?

Is it so important to get the best of grades?

Or to live a happy life in lightly painted shades

If you try your best

And it isn't good enough

What happens then

Is it over

Jee this world is tough

A/N: I have so much fun writing these poems. The inspiration comes from the sunny warm fields of the Annapolis Valley. I know a little girl down there who I visit every year. She doesn't have an easy life so bless her little soul. I love children and this one is special to me. Some of these poems aren't very good but it's important for me to try and make some ppl understand what it's like being little in a big world.

- Nadia Jane West aka Spectro Chan