I was Happy

On Monday I was happy

On Tuesday I was too

The reasons hear for me to smile are easy: I love you

On Wednesday morning you took my hand

You held it close to yours

I felt warm inside and full of pride

Like salty ocean shores

On Wednesday night we had a fight

I felt quite sick and ill

I wept and cried like the tide

And sat in my window sill.

On Thursday we made up

We both had had enough

Because we had decided

Being apart was too tough

Throughout the day we talked a lot

Not about anything neat

Only of love and god above, of music, of rhythm, and beat.

Asleep that night I had a dream

I was happy once and for all

The next day you took me out for fun

Into the shopping mall

On the way home you got a call

You took one hand off the wheel

I was happy and in love

So I didn't see the deal

Around the corner came a car

neither of us did see

and that's why I'm hear all alone

You've gone ahead and left me.