The Guillotine
Angela nicole

DISCLAIMER: Not real nor has it ever been this is just something conjured up by my imagination, and for the first time its acually not gory. It ends happily though I think it didn't have a better outcome then I expected. Read and let me know, thanks. Also the people for this were completely made up I do not know any of these characters and got the names off of a site to fit the story. That is my disclaimer :-)

I fear not its blade when time passes me to step up before the platforms edge, I fear not the people, and I fear not the Guillotine. The only thing I fear is my self confidence

I looked to the judge's face his eyes cold as steel, his lips in a a cruel position, his stare accusing. I sighed knowingly that I shall never make it out without the sentence passed. I only hope when I reach the platform that the death I face shall not fear me.

The words they speak of accusation are all jumbled now within my mind. I hear them not speak of the truth and I hear them not of their ways to be rid of me, after all what was a common person to them?

" Dessa Lasin Callious We the law justice of France find you guilty as charged, for the slaying of Anthony Tony Abellous. We hear by sentence you to death by beheading. Tomorrow before sunrise shall be when your execution will begin.

I looked upon the council and then finally set my eyes upon the judge who's face was almost delighted." What proof do any of you have to convict me on charges, if I am to die then I want the reason and the evedence that is against me!" I shouted.

" You were asleep beside his body, a knife at your hand with blood across, what more evedence do we need to convict?" Asked the judge cruely

" You need that of witnesses and that of more evidence! I went to check upon him because he was ill your honor when I found him face down a knife was already impaled within the back of him, I screamed but no one came, out of the corner came a shadow but I do not know of who, then something hit me, after which I saw nothing until the next day to where they were leading me out within chains, he was dead long before I came, but yet you heed not my words, you care of not my life. So why should I try to go against the evidence you assumed were of my posession.

" You were there laying beside that of a corpse with a knife at your hand and blood upon you. That is all evidence needed prooved, a murderer's words count only as lies, even if they do swear upon the holy manuscript it does not guarentee us that we are going to believe the words that pour from their lips, such as we believe nothing of your truth at the moment.

I sighed." Then why not kill me as I stand now, I do not fear the blade such as I shall not fear my death. Death comes upon us all the time, and when everything is through then we are released from our tortured souls."

" We kill you not right away for sins of your past are to be re-thought, only tomorrow before sun's light shall you die. I only pray your soul is forgiven." Replied the judge who nodded to the guards.

I sighed and followed them needen't not to speak with anymore tongue. I was returned to my prison right outside the courthouses view. The sky cloudy with a slight breeze, gently blowing my long blonde hair aside. I knew it offered me no condolence as I was led into the open cell. A slight shiver erupted throughout my body. I wrapped my arms around to keep warm

" Guard?" I questioned as he turned toward me with a cruel stare. My cheeks flushed with slight embarrassment.

" May I question you for a drink of water, please?" My voice cracked, I had not drank anything since the day before and needed it before dehyderation would set upon me.

The guard shook his head and walked away, I leaned my head upon the bricks that held fast and closed my eyes with my arms still wrapped around my body. I never heard footsteps return but I noticed the guards presents only by when he hit upon the bars window a spoul cup slightly hanging in.

" Here!" The guard snapped. I hurredly and took the water drinking it vastly as I set it upon the ground once more and shuffled it to the guard who picked it up. I nodded my gradatude as I laid down in straw all became silent as I drifted off within a peaceful dream, one soon to become of a nightmare, if I only knew how wrong I was.

The next day before dawn's light I felt metal around my wrist, with a jerk I sat up. Above me was a boy no older then I perhaps 18, was attaching shackles upon my wrists. I looked around, the guard had not been anywhere in sight. The boy looked upon my eyes and smiled a bit.

His black hair hung to his midback as his hazel eyes stared upon mine, critisizing my intellectual intelligance.

" I am truely not as I seem, a murderer upon my name as it is and I needen't have people looking upon me as a demon, I would never have hurt anyone, I wish only for someone to believe me." I looked at him expectantly but alas he finally stared back no words spoken. I sighed as his hand help me off the ground of hay. I found the guard that had been at watch on a wagon with a board wheel on the side. The boy lead me to within the board's side.

" I believe that or your quilt." Was his only words before I was carted off to within the town's square, to face the guillotine. I knew pain was of the last thing on my mind and yet pain I could stand, it was their philosity that the guillotine only brung others to justified deaths with very little pain as possible, but with their research it was only about the eyes. I knew of the pain that will be caused and I shall stare before it and take not of what I seen but what my eyes are truely invisioning when I leave this life and pass onto another.

I looked around, the trees held much beauty with their changing color, and their graceful sway back and forth from what the wind had caused. I took for granted the life I could have seen, the future with a man that I loved, another formailty of life and off spring of that, instead here I stand in chains heading toward what would end my life, I only pray that god forgive any sins taken upon him with my words of anger.

There it was up ahead my death, in all its terror stood a certain peace that I felt knowing my guilt and pain would finally be realeased within its blade. Very few people stood around to view the execution. On the side was a hooded man sitting on a horse and up ahead appeared to have been another, an executioner I would believe, but the artical of clothing that I seen on the horseman looked slightly that of the one that had shackled me. I sighed as the horse that had led me here stopped in front of the platform's stairs. I stepped off the wagon and began to decend the stairs. I noticed only 2 villagers and 2 of the execution itself, or atleast I had asumed. I reached the top of its platform and with no fear I walked over to it, but was stopped before sitting down on the bench to be strapped within its device.

" Milady, please walk out upon here to the edge I have someone who would like to speak with you." The executioner replied as he unshakled me. I noticed he had not bothered to tie my hands so I slowly walked over to the edge where another hooded figure was. His hazel eyes looking at me through the holes.

Wait...hazel? My thoughts were fast cut short as I was pushed off the platform and into the hooded man's fast reacting arms. The last thing I remember is a slight pain in my head then I saw nomore.

Ages seemed to have passed as I slowly began to come back into reality, I heard some stirring and looked up." Am I dead yet?" I asked slowy, a quiet laugh decended from the other's lips that I did not know.

" Who are you?" I asked without looking at him, still slightly sore and a headach to follow.

" Cael Ogden Tertullian is my name, but you may call me Cael, if you wish." Was his reply with an emotionless tone.

I sighed." Why could you not have let things as they should have been and let me die, like I now you are an outlaw. If you return to within the city they not only will kill me but you as well. I hope you know the risk you are taking by doing this."

" I have taken every thought into consideration, it was not you whom had killed Anthony but one of the girls that had hated you within the years you came. She is the one that had murdered him, and then knocked you. I was her accomplise, though sorry I am now, I cannot changed the past only the future, I hope you will give me that chance." He replied with a much softer tone.

I sighed angerly and looked upon him." How can I forgive you? You have murdered my friend and upon that kidnapped me in a sense, though I know you won't stop me from leaving you were only at the scene to save me from that of death. I am greatful, but I wish you would have let fate take over, not try to rationalize it by your own thoughts."

" I have no regret for the action I have taken to save an innocent person's life, I only pray one day if I am ever in a situation like that then I would want the same help I have showen you.
I sat up slowly to get a look to where I was. Trees all around, their color changing, and their leaves falling gracefully all around us. I looked ahead and saw the fire that had been started, I crawled to it and huddled myself up, the fall's wind was to be cold... or so I was told.

I turned to Cael." The trees are beautiful aren't they? It's all something we take for granted and something we never really think about. Life is the most beautiful things given to us and still we only notice when we are at the peak of death's door."

" They are beautiful but not nearly as much as the life that is graceing my pressance at the moment." He looked to me and smiled, his hazel eyes lighting up with a bit of a fantasy and adventure. I laughed and shook my head.

" Time is of the essence, but for now when fate is against me I know of whom to turn to." I replied while moving to the side that he was. Maybe perhaps with a bit of luck there might be something more to lye deep within his past, something he had not told me. I left it at that and closed my eyes falling asleep once again.

Many years passed and my love for life has grown still very close to Cael, I only hope more can come of that in the future but for now I fear nothing, and shall resume to live out my days with the person who has taken enough time to care, my soul was finally free, love knew no boundries as love knew no fear.