Chapter 1

Sometime in the future…

The snow was deep, and the wind was swift, yet I wasn't cold. I had been trudging through deep snow for some time now. I started this morning and it was dark. I did not want to stop until I reached my destination. I hadn't eaten in a week, but my determination seemed to feed me.

I saw a light in the distance. It must have been from the town, Chena the half way point in my journey. My goal was to get to Measha where the King and Queen are waiting for me. What they want, I don't know? I don't even know how they expect me to get there. All I knew was I was going to make it.

I began to run towards the light when I spotted another girl in the distance. My need to know everything sprung into action; a million questions came to mind. I walked over to her and tried to be as friendly as I could.

"Hi, my name is Crystal what's yours?" She stared at me a little and smiled, then she answered.

"Mari, but I have to get going I need to get to Chena and then Measha to see the King and Queen." She seemed to be very proud.

"Oh that's were I'm going!"

"Now I won't be so lonely, I've been by my self so long it's been three years since I've had a friend."

"Same with me, I had no one to go to, and no where to go to after my parents died."

"Lets talk later we need to get to town and find a place to stay."

"Lets go we need rest and food, I only have a little deer meat left from when I last went hunting" I said. We walked side by side to the town not talking; we didn't even exchange a look to each other. I felt as if I already knew her. I knew that she felt the same.

When we reached the town my first thought was to find a place to stay the night. There were no barns, no houses nothing in the town but a hotel and apartment building and a bar.

"Where should we stay?" I asked.

"That hotel looks good, there used to be some much more here when I lived here, I wonder what happened."

"Looks like that loud bar happened" I added. Then I paused and then added, "Listen, I hear someone yelling in that bar."

"I hear it to."

"Where are they?" Shouted a voice.

"Where are who?" Said a scared trembling voice.

"The Girls I must find them they could destroy us all."

"How could a few girls do that!"

"In this case they can, in this case they are not just girls!"

"But how?"

"The King and Queen of coarse, they will give them powers to defeat us, we must stop them!" I shivered with fear could Mari and me be those girls.

Chapter 2

Mari stared at me and then smiled.

"I have an idea, we will lie about who we are, why we're here, where we're going, and where we are from." I looked at her a while thinking about different things that we could do to hide who we really are, then a one word question came to mind.


"Well, those people in there, you heard what they said, we could be those girls, but we don't know for sure. I wish I did, but it's safe if we do it, you, I mean we, don't know anyone here."

"Are you sure you don't, you used to live here."

"Well I do but, he's sort of strange."

"I don't care, he could help us right" I asked

"Well very much so, he is an elf."

"Oh, I've met elves all alright with me." Then I was reminded by the stone I was given by the elves it sang when you held it up to you ear, but I had to sell it to get money.

"Well I'll take you to where he is." I smiled and followed her to a cave. She pressed on an ice sickle in front of the cave. Some snow fell and I couldn't feel it's cold on my face sense I was already colder than it was. The cave seemed to spread open so we could walk through. I followed her into the cave. I touched the cold rocks with my bare hand as I walked. Then a small old man waved at Mari. He stared me and then we entered a room. It was small and warm in the center was a fireplace. There were many elves all around the room busy working. They were teaching magic to young elves and making items to sell at markets around the world.

All the elves were talking a language foreign to me. Mari was also speaking it. Then I saw a human girl staring at me, and I walked up to her.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi" she answered in almost a whisper.

"What are you doing here."

"My parents were Eskimos that died recently then the elves took care of me."

"Oh, my name is Crystal, my friend Mari and me are on our was to see the King and Queen."

"My name is Jade I'm also going to go to the King and Queen."

"Do you want to go with me."

"I guess." Then she smiled at me. I felt the same feeling that I did when I met Mari. I felt as if I already knew her. The elves were very busy so I decided to talk more with Jade.

"Jade, what have you been doing here with the elves?"

"Well, they have been teaching me and I have been helping them."

"Do you have any friends here?"

"No, there is no one my age here."

"Oh, well Mari and me haven't had any friends in a long time we have been just trying to make money, I just met her today day but it feels like forever same with your I feel like I have known you."

"You have."

"I don't remember you."

"Or rather you will."

"What do you mean?"

"Well my friend has powers and she told me about you and Mari and one other, we were sent into this time to save the world, we were sent from the future."

"I thought you don't have any friends?"

"Well she's not here she was taken away, she ran away from her step mother,

I tried to get her back but I couldn't find where she was." She stopped and took a breath. "We must find her and one other sent to the King and Queen."


"We are the five sent from the future, we are here to save the world!" I looked at here, and I believed everything that she was saying, I understood what we were to do..

Chapter 3

I found Mari and told her my plans. We stayed one night with the elves and left the next day. The elves gave us stuff for our trip. We each go a sword, horse, and compass. The horses were made for cold weather; they had long fur that drug across the ground. I said good-bye to the elves and Jade, Mari and me were on our way.

The wind blew and an ice storm had begun. I knew that there where greater changes than this a head of me. With these horses we would make it they seemed to have unlimited power. I turned and looked at Mari and Jade they also seemed to enjoy the ride, but I had a strange feeling. I felt like I was being watched. I stopped my horse and got off. My blue cape swirled around me. I grabbed my bow and arrow and stood ready. Just as I did a lady appeared. Her eyes evil and a wicked smile crossed her face. Her pointy nails crossed her face and she walked up to me.

"Do you wish to test your skills as an archer" she asked.

"Is that a challenge?" I asked.

"Look Crystal we have to be going and we don't want any trouble" said Mari.

"You know Mari it could be kinda fun plus I'll fight too" replied Jade.

"So what do you say?" asked the lady.

"Who will Jade and me be fighting."

"Well my warriors of coarse Juno and Vela." When she said that a girl and a boy walked out from behind her. They didn't seem like they wanted to fight. They boy stared at her with angry eyes.

"I don't want to fight, let us go now!" shouted the boy.

"I don't want to fight any way lady the only way I would fight is if I was fighting you." I shouted.

"Ah so you wish to fight me instead of my warriors."

"Those aren't warriors those are kids."

"So fight me." All of a sudden she turned into a young healthy woman. Still with the same evil eyes and grin by a lot stronger. She glared at me and then took out a sword. Her grin widened.

"You don't stand a chance, I killed these kids parents and now you become my slaves, you have no one to protect you, your parents were all killed by my warriors."

"Children warriors?"

"No, warriors from another world like me with powers beyond yours!"

"Another world" questioned Mari.

"Yes, one connected to yours by a passage way called the Naoko Mirror."

"Why are you telling us this now?"

"Because I can't loose you will be come my servants."

"You really shouldn't underestimate us."

"Why is that." I didn't know what I should say I was in a word trap. Then a felt some thing a strange power I glowed and then I had a strange outfit with a bamboo stick in my hands. I looked behind me Mari and Jade had transformed also. Jade had a sword and Mari daggers. The lady looked even happier.

"Ah, so now I don't have to keep on searching for you, you can have the kids only if you fight me."

"It's a deal, we get the kids and then we fight." As soon as I said that Juno and Vela ran over to us.

"Get on the horse" I whispered to them. They did what I said I was they same age as them but they knew that's what they had to do.

"You know what I have to go" I said to the lady with a grin on my face, and jumped on my horse. My horse galloped into the distance Mari and Jade followed closely. Juno and Vela rode on my horse and they looked very nervous.

"Are you okay" I asked them.

"Yeah we're fine, now."

"Don't worry we help you." Just as I said that I heard the lady shout,

"I WILL GET YOU!" The shout made the horses run even faster. She didn't have to say that because I knew the fight had just begun. They storm got worse and we were still so way from the next town where we were to get the girl. Even trough the clouds of the storm I could see a full moon.

"Vela where are you and Juno from" I asked.

"Juno is from Canada and I'm from Alaska." I stared at her and Juno they both seemed sleepy I knew that we would have to stop soon and rest.

"Mari, Jade, maybe we should stop soon" I explained.

"According to my map there should be a town about an hour away," said Mari.

"Okay we have to stop there I think I have enough money for a hotel or something." I sent my horse galloping and Mari and Jade followed.

I could see the town in the distance and slowed down Mari, Jade, and me tied are horse about a half a mile from the town and walked there. A small hotel wasn't far into town so we decided to go into it. Juno and Vela followed us closely and I encouraged them to walk in front of us. I sensed that the lady had taken them to this town and had followers of hers here.

"You recognize this town "I asked them.

"Yes" answered Juno. "Miss Diana that lady who had us took us here but her followers called her Queen Azuma." I recognized those names but I didn't know from where. It all scared me I wasn't who I thought I was and I don't know where I come from it was like up until now my whole life was just a giant lie.

Chapter 4

The man at the hotel stared at us and asked,

"What are you kids doing here all by yourself, don't I know you two, where you here before?"

"Whoa slow down one question at a time, so what was that again."

"Forget it" he answered coldly. He was under the influence of Queen Azuma. She probably had taken over full town and was headed for the King and Queen maybe that's why they want us there, To use our powers to help, but what about Juno and Vela. We couldn't just leave them as far as I saw it they were one of us and we couldn't desert them.

"Could you get us a room" I asked.

"No, I sorry you are too young."

"Well, than we must go some where else."

"Don't plan on it, you are too young for any hotel."

"Could you help us" I questioned.

"No, my services end here, you will have to find out for yourself, but I bet you won't, not with in town."

"Who is ?"

"You don't know, where are you from?"

"It doesn't matter where I'm from who is she?"

"No, I won't say, I have work to do."

"Bye" I said and began to walk away.

"Don't come back, we don't need you kind here in this town and in this hotel."

"I don't plan on it." I walked out of the building. Mari and the others were staring at me.

"What are we going to do now where are we going to stay" asked Mari. I smiled and so did Jade. We both had our ideas about what to do.

"You know that lady that is town, , I know people who have met her, she is rich and wants rich friends, if you have money and act like it she will do anything for you" said Jade.

"I know we can pull it off, I have money and I can buy us some nice cloths to where and we can ask her and say that we have been traveling to see the King and Queen." I added.

"Which isn't a total lie?" Vela said smiling.

"Now we need a store" I explained.

We were ready we had a great plan. Are names would be the same be we would be from New York not the cold parts of the north. We knew exactly what we were doing and multiple ways it could go wrong; we even planed an excape route. Yet I wasn't sure, I knew and felt that something would go wrong but I never trusted anyone rich.

"Come on Crystal, lets go" Shouted Jade.

"You know you can talk like that we must be proper, I want to act like you but I can, we all have rolls to play so make the show good" I answered.

We found a big apartment with a glass dragon in the window and then we rang the doorbell.

"Yes" answered a butler.

"May we see Mrs. Haverman please" asked Mari.

"Yes, come on in."

"Why hello!" said a happy voice. "I'm Mrs. Haverman, have we met before."

"No I'm afraid not, but I'm sure you met our parents from New York" answered Mari.

"Oh you must be the Martin family kids, I'm afraid your parents never mentioned you."

"They have always been busy with this, and that we have been raised by our nanny, and been home schooled, I cannot say I even knew them too well" answered Mari.

"Oh, that is sad, so why are you here?"

"Well we wanted to see you, also they will not let us have a hotel room because we are not adults, but we do not want to bother you we will find some where else to stay" said Mari. She put a sad look on her face.

"Oh nonsense dear you will all stay here there is plenty of room." "By the way where are you headed to all by yourselves?"

"To the King and Queen, our parents wanted to go but they could not for they had plans to go to England or some where like that, so we will represent them, we have never been so far from home."

"Oh, yes, you must be tiered, Alfred you them their rooms."

"Yes ma'am I will do so." I was interested by all the servants this lady had, I felt bad for them and the life they had to live, sure they were getting paid, but I bet me nor Mrs. Haverman could stand a day in their shoes. They didn't look happy at all.

"Here you are two of you stay here" said the butler pointing to a room. Mari and Jade took that one. The butler walked some more until he reached another door.

"You sir you stay here" the butler said looking at Juno. Hen he continued to walk some more to the last and final door in the hallway.

"You two stay here." Vela and me walked into the room. It was dark and had one small window. We were three stories up, and if we had to excape it would be a hard fall. Luckily there was and emergency ladder that we could excape from if we had to. I wouldn't want to leave like that though because we would have more people going after us than we were worth. I lay down on the bed and fell to sleep.

I awoke to the smell of coffee and bright light shinning through the window. Vela was looking at me.

"So how'd you sleep" she asked.

"Good, you?"

"I couldn't sleep, every time I shut my eyes the images of that horrible lady entered my head, we have to stop her…"

"I know, we'll get on it, we'll eat breakfast on our way out of town."

"Thank you, for everything!" She said. If I were her I would be just as thankful. This was the first time I saw her smile.

"Come on let's go see if the others are awake." Vela and me walked down the hall to the dining room where the others we sitting and talking.

"You know we must be going soon if we want to reach the King and Queen on time" I said to Mrs. Haverman.

"Oh, yes" replied Mrs. Haverman.

"Thank you so much for allowing us to stay the night." I smiled at her.

"Do you need anything for your trip, I'd be glad to give you anything."

"No thank you, we will be fine, we must be going now, I hope to see you again." I walked out the door and the others followed. We walked to where our horses were and continued. We went through the woods surrounding the town. There was less and less tree's the further north we got. Soon we would be in the town where we would find one other girl who would help us and was one of us. I felt the danger of this town I knew getting this girl out wouldn't be easy but I would have to do it. So far my gut feeling has been right so I decided to go with it.

"Jade, where is this girl that we must find" I asked.

"I don't know for sure, but I know her mother is called Lady Coulter."

"Sounds strange who is she" I asked.

"Well my friend, Amy, has a kind of Cinderella life, her mother died and was remarried to a horrible lady."

"Lady Coulter…"

"Right, and so she ran away, to where I met her. We became friends but one day Lady Coulter came and took her back. Before she left she told me that her father had died and the only reason she was going to live any longer was because of our destiny…"

"What would you destiny be" asked Vela.

"Well," said Jade. "You know when you saw us change, that is are destiny, and in that transformation we will save the world from that evil lady you were with."

"What does she plan to do," asked Juno.

"I don't know, maybe Amy does" replied Jade.

"Well we have to find out first we need to find some people to help us, like servants of hers, but I wonder what we should give them, we will have to figure that out later" I stated.

"Why didn't I think of that" asked Mari.

"You aren't the only one with good ideas" I said and smiled. Then we took our horses into the market and tied them up there. Other people there had the same type of horses as us. Then a heard two servants whispering behind me.

"Lady Coulter… oh that Lady Coulter one day I shall be free from her even if I have to kill myself."

"I know she's annoying but you must live and stay what would Amy do without us to help her with the chores" replied the other to her friend.

"Excuse me but you know Amy" I asked them.

"Why yes, who are you?"

"You could say we are friends of hers."

"Wait, are you Crystal… oh there's Jade and Mari" said one.

"Oh they are, but look there's two others, ah they're all grown up from when I last saw them, oh they must see Amy at once" said the other.

"So you remember us," I asked.

"How could I forget you, who are the two others with you?"

"Oh they are Juno, and Vela, we found them on our way."

"Ah, I see so do you wish to see Amy?"

"Oh yes, could you take us to her we will give you anything you want in our power, possibly your freedom for Lady Coulter."

"Oh that's wonderful, could you, oh we will sneak you in to see Amy."

"Oh thank you when would we be able to see her," I asked.

"Come to that house over there at midnight." She pointed to an old house down the road.

"Okay we'll be there, please tell Amy that we are here."

"Oh yes, we will she will be so happy to see you" The one said smiling.

Chapter 5

Midnight came fast that day. We were ready for anything. I put on the navy blue cape and me and the others walked down to the shadowy house. A light snow blew down from the sky and blanketed the roofs of the houses. Inside the house a candle was lit and out came one servant. She gestured for us to follow her in. I told Jade to follow me, and for the others to stay behind. I walked into the house and brushed off the powdery snow from my cape, and took off the hood.

At the table sat a girl, she had a very concentrated look, and her eyes were shut. Suddenly a smile crossed her face and her eyes opened. She jumped up from the hard wooden chair that she had been sitting at.

"Hi, Jade and Crystal, I've been waiting so long to see you." Jade smiled.

"We must go now, and bring your two servants with you, we promised them freedom."

"Oh, yes let's leave now and head for the King and Queen."

"We haven't found all the girls yet we need one more" said Jade.

"Well I know who the girl is I can take you to her."

"Jade, I can go alone and you and the others can go to the King and Queen" I said.

"Oh, that's a good idea plus when you get her you will find others willing to help you" replied Amy.

"Are you sure," asked Jade.

"Yes" I answered smiling. I felt as if I could do anything with my new power. We got on our horses and decided to take the servants to the next town that we would arrive at. There I would leave the group and search for the last girl.

We arrived at the town where we would split up.

"Amy, where will I find the next girl," I asked.

"You will find Anita at the bottom of a mountain, she will be there with others that will help you, see that mountain over there that is where she will be." She pointed.

"See you later, I have to go" I said and began to gallop away on my horse.

"Wait, can I go with you," asked Vela.

"Sure" I said and let her get on my horse. Then I waved at my friends and left them in the distance. I was glad that Vela had decided to go with me because I felt like I needed a friend. It had been so long sense I had last had a friend. I now wondered how I did so long without any, and how I did so long by myself.

The winds blew cold and ice began to fall from the sky. In the distance I heard a growl. I stopped and got off my horse.

"Vela, stay there and be very still," I said. Then the growl came again. A man cam running towards us. I was transformed again. He held a long sword to my neck. I jumped away and used the long powerful bamboo stick I had to push him back. He jumped at me and hit me on the head with his sword and I fell to the ground.

I got up I was in a dark cell. My head hurt I was cold. I looked next to me and there was Vela she looked like she was going to cry.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"How are we going to get out of here, what are we going to do, we don't even know…"

"Stop, we will be alright," I said.

"Shhhh!" I heard from behind me. Outside the cell stood A girl and three boys. "Come on follow us," said the girl who had just unlocked the door. I follow them outside and Vela followed slowly, she didn't trust them as much as I did. We crept down the stone hallways until we came to a dead end. Above us there was a door we walked out and there stood a man in armor with a spear in his hand. I stood there and then I transformed again so did the one girl. The three boys each took out a sword.

"You again!" I shouted. I held the weapon out towards the man. My weapon was a long stick, and I could feel how powerful it was. The man smiled.

"I bet you before I will do it again…" His grin widened on his face when Queen Azuma appeared. She didn't smile, she just stood there looking at me and then said,

"You have caused more trouble than you are worth, my problem with you will end now, kill her now!" I stood there shaking I didn't know what to do, but then a felt a strange power come from me and a beam a light flashed out of the stick that I was holding and hit the man. He suddenly fell down. The girl ran and I followed her. Soon we were running outside towards the mountain that I was told to walk to.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Oh, my name is Anita, and they are Zoutou, Robu, and Maiku."

"My name is Crystal, I was told that I would meet you here Anita, do you know why?" she stared at me and then answered.

"No." I tried to think of the best way to explain it even when I didn't really know.

"Well, you are a warrior, send to this time to battle an evil that has come again, you know that lady we just saw, well I think that it is her."

"I'm a warrior like you, but how come I didn't transform like you?"

"I don't know, but I do know that you are a warrior like me." Vela looked at me then she said,

"Your necklace…" and then she continued, "I noticed it glowed when you transformed, and others had one to, but different, Anita doesn't have one, do you think that's it?" I was surprised; this was the most that Vela had ever talked, though her voice still had that quiet whisper to it.

"You're right," I exclaimed. Touching my necklace I noticed a red stone that the dragon's tail swirled around. "I also noticed that the other had one two, I remember when I received this necklace it was on my birthday and my parents told me to keep it with me at all times, that means that they knew about me, and who I really was." This surprised me, why didn't my parents tell me when I received the necklace instead of how I found out now.

"Well, I think that if I don't have it I wasn't really meant to be what you and your friends are" explained Anita.

"But, we need all the help we can get, that includes you!" I shouted. I crossed my arms and stared at her. I knew she wasn't going to listen but I couldn't understand why. "Why won't you, what you are doing now is standing against the evil, so why not as one of us."

"I don't stand against evil, my friend here Maiku saw you in trouble so we decided to help you, that's all, I don't want to have to deal with any danger like that anyway, but I will help you on your way" Anita said.

"Thank you," I said smiling, but I really wished that she would come with us.

"You can stay with us in our cabin for the night and in the morning you can either stay with us again or leave" said Anita.

"Thanks," I replied and I followed them towards a cabin. Vela followed closely. "You know we have to leave as soon as we can so why don't we just leave now and not bother you any more," I said.

"Fine then" Anita answered coldly. I didn't understand her attitude towards me. I wondered if living so close to the evil that it go somewhat a hold of her also.

"You know why don't we see them on their way, maybe we could go with them" stated Zoutou.

"You guys can go with her if you want" she explained.

"Well see you later then Anita," said Maiku.

"I'm staying here with Anita" replied Robu.

"I'll go with you," said Zoutou, and then they walked away with Vela and me.

"How far is it to the castle from here," I asked.

"Oh, not to far, not even a days trip on foot" answered Maiku. Then I heard a sound from behind a large rock and out walked out horse. Vela smiled.

"Looks like our trip will be even shorter now" she said.

"I can believe that's the same horse!" I shouted with joy. I ran over to where it was standing. I jumped up and Vela followed. Maiku and Zoutou walked along the side of us. I heard a voice from behind a rock and I jumped off the horse. Behind the large rock was a tree. Not like any I had seen before it was part human and leafs were its hair and two large branches were its arms.

"Have you come from far away," she asked stretching her branch arms out to us.

"Yes, we are not from around here" I answered.

"I think that I can help you on your quest."

"My quest," I asked.

"Yes, you and your friends are on a quest, you may have not called it that, but that is what it is, your destiny was set for you ever since you were born."

"What is my destiny?"

"To battle the evil that has reentered this world, the evil queen who is here it unite her world with ours so she can have the greatest power of all."

"What is that power?"

"When these two worlds unite and power is released, that power is used to rule the universe."

"So it's all for power and universe domination,"

"Yes, you're right I can help you now, to beat her you will need all five of you and I know that you are missing one necklace."

"Yes, how can we get it."

"I'll get it for you." She started to glow and then just the end of her branch arms stated to glow also. At the ends of her branch fingers appeared a necklace. It was a rabbit with one green stone in its eye. "For you," she said, and handed it to Vela.

"What do you want me to do," asked Vela.

"Be the last warrior fight with your friends Crystal, Mari, Jade, and Amy, they will help you and lead you to your family, it was decided for you since you were born to become a warrior."

"I'll try, but how do I change like Crystal?"

"Say the name of your stone, your is the stone of innocence and Crystal's is the stone of fire."

"And the others, what are the names of their stones?"

"Mari has the stone of the Mind, Jade has the stone of water, and Amy has the stone of sight."

"Each of the stones tell about them!"

"Yes, that is why they were created so they could release the power that each of the girls have, but Anita's shattered when she reentered this world, I think that she was captured by the evil queen."

"What is the queen's name anyway,"

"It doesn't matter, because no matter what she'd be evil, to me she's just the evil queen, but you must stop her."

"Why is she here," I asked.

"She's here to take over the world and connect our would with hers."

"How is that possible," I asked.

"Well there is a window called the Naoko Window, with your stones that window can be open connecting the two worlds."

"Why is that such a bad thing it could be good," said Vela.

"It can't be good when the whole world is filled with evil like that one, if the worlds connect there will be no peace, constant war, I've seen their world and have lived in it for a while to learn more."

"But, our world already has war in it constant civil war since 3329 when World War III occurred and a great depression arrived because of people's extreme dependency on computers, technology, and fossil fuels."

"The evil queen's world is worse, much worse than ours ever was."

"I can't imagine it," I said. "I lived in the middle of the wars, it was offal constant fear and then the mysterious death of my parents."

"Awe, child did you have to tell that to me,"

"I'm sorry, but you were saying before that when the two world unite a energy is released that can rule the universe."

"Oh yes, not only will that world destroy our world but the energy released will allow anyone who controls it control over the whole universe."

"Well, one thing I do know is that we have to go to the castle to meet the others and stop the evil queen."

"Oh yes, you better be on your way, please come back again."

"Oh yes, I will be back." Then I walked away, to where Zoutou and Maiku were standing.

Chapter 6

The journey to the castle only took one day, and when we arrived outside the castle the others were waiting for us. Around the castle stood enormous gargoyles. Each had a set of wings spread out towards the sky.

"Hi Crystal, so who are your friends," asked Amy.

"Well this is Zoutou and Maiku, I met them while trying to find the last girl but, Vela decided to take her place, right Vela!"

"Yes, I'm the last one," said Vela.

"So you belong here, but where do I," asked Juno.

"If you want you can stay with us," replied Maiku.

"I'll do that, are you on your way back now."

"Yes you can come with us." Soon they were gone. I stared at Mari and then asked,

"So, what have you been doing with-out me?"

"We got to know the Queen and a little more about why we are here, she's looking forward to seeing you."

"I've been finding more out about the Evil Queen who is here through my fire readings," said Amy.

"What have you found out," I asked.

"She is also known as the Black Widow and she comes from a world called Vordge, and she is here to connect her world with ours and have supreme power."

"Yes, I found out some of that on my way here, did you know that the stones we ware around our necks are a key to connecting the two worlds?"

"No, but that is an important key to what we need to know, I also found out that there is someone out in the Space Colonies that will be able to help us, she has a stone but unlike the rest of us she wasn't given hers many years ago."

"Do you know any more about her," I asked.

"Well she was born here on Earth, but during the wars that are still going on she was transported into space. She had planned on going with her family, and they were killed before she left. She is up there now on the colony Aryan. We have no way of getting up there, but the Queen can send messages there and have her come to us," Amy answered.

"Well we need her here as soon as possible the sense that are time is running out, we have much to do," I replied.

"Yes, that is correct, your time is running out soon the Black Widow will rule you becoming warriors for her ultimate empire," shouted a man behind us.

"No one seems to be doing anything to stop us from defeating you," I shouted back.

"Now I am!" The man came at me with a dagger. I fell to the grown. Then he was transformed into special armor. The dagger sliced though my face and I was also transformed. "You'll no better than to mess with The Dark Widow Dynasty!"

"When will I learn," I shouted. I came at him with my staff. He dogged it and it hit Mari. The man laughed.

"You have learned a wonderful lesson, and just so you remember my name is Incubus warrior of death, don't forget it!" he stared at me. I went to stab him but he disappeared. I went over to Mari I carried her inside the castle. I was crying she was my first friend after my parents' death. Blood and tears covered my hands and then it hardened formed a stone. I held the stone in my hand and went to get the queen to help.

"I promise to do the best I can for her," said the queen looking at her warrior. She saw the stone in my hand. "A blood-tear stone, I'm afraid I can't help her, the stone is a symbol of one warriors death by an apprentice or friend. That stone is a great weapon to you to fight the person who indirectly killed her."


"That stone is placed inside a special sword giving you even more special powers, the sword is known as the sword of souls." I held the stone tight in my hand and then with a flash a sword appeared, on the handle there was a design and then the stone.

"Should I go finish the fight now," I asked.

"No, your friends will finish this one for you, we need to call a friend of mine," She answered calmly.

"Who is your friend, and where is she," I asked. The Queen smiled.

"My friend Mercury, she lives on the Aryan Space Colony, she's not the one who will actually be helping me it's a girl up there. Also a few others, D and Sage. The most important girl in this mission, is Pi. Don't worry you won't have to do any babysitting, she's a grown girl that can take care of her self. It's just D and Sage I'm worried about."


"They don't exactly get along, Sage will do anything to protect everyone, but D doesn't like that she wants to take care of herself and not listen to a guy."

"Sounds like an old friend of mine."

"Yes, maybe, but don't be to fast to befriend her. She isn't quite sure what side she is on yet and she could get everyone into a lot of trouble."

"Don't worry, I'll warn the others."

"Yes, please do, and remember to get a lot of sleep tonight tomorrow will be a long day. Starting with all of you meeting your new friends." She smiled sweetly. These were the words that would lead into a new saga of my life.

The next morning I woke up to a bright light flashing out from the sword of souls. The others and me met for breakfast. That was when I met Pi, Sage, and D.

"Hello, I'm Pi, this is Sage and this is D," said Pi pointing to each person as she said their name.

"I'm Crystal, and they are Jade, Vela, and Amy," I responded trying not to sound depressed by my friend's death.

"So when do we get to work," asked D.

"You would think she would want breakfast first," said Sage.

"No, it's all right I'm sure you are all ready to fight," said the Queen. "I'll get some horses ready for you so you can set out." With-in moments we had seven horses ready one for each of us. The others had rode off and I followed behind. I looked back at the Queen. In her eyes I saw that she was very fearful, that's when I knew what we were going to do wasn't easy. In the clear day sky I could see the moon, just like in the beginning of my quest it was guiding me.