Once we were angels.
Naïve and full of wonder.
Unaware of the dangerous, risky games that are played.

Ignorance is bliss.
Anyone who says otherwise,
is just bitter about it.

Once you fall in love,
you're no longer innocent.
Cruel Fate has played her game with you,
only you don't realize,
it's only just begun.

We played that game.
And we played it well.
But in the end,
We couldn't win.
In the end,
the only one who wins,
is Fate.

and once you play,
(and once you lose)
you're innocence is lost.
Taken away by undiscriminating Fate.

If you're still lucky enough,
Consider yourself lucky to be an innocent.
Be happy Fate hasn't played with you yet,
And then tossed you aside,
wishing you had never fallen in love in the first place.
Never fallen into her game,
(and unaware)

Consider yourself lucky to still be naïve
And full of wonder.
Consider yourself lucky that you're still ignorant,
(ignorant and blissful)
ignorant of all the cheap tricks
and cheating moves that Fate has yet to play on you.

For it is not better to have loved and lost.

It is better to have never loved at all.

Kind of depressing. And weird for me, who has never really been in love. But that's what I get for writing poetry over the first thing that springs to my mind.