I dreamed that I was drowning

I couldn't find the air

There was blackness all around me

Though I knew the world was there

You came to me and whispered

So seductive in my ear

"Come with me, sweet darling

You have nothing to fear"

You took my hand and led me

From the comfort of my bed

Through a door I hadn't noticed

The handle painted red

You closed the door and locked

Then held up a golden chain

You said "The key to Heaven.

Come here when you're in pain"

I looked about in wonder

This was Heaven's peak

So horrid in its splendor

I turned about to speak

To you, my guide of midnight

Who had brought me to this world

But you were not there beside me

You flew above with wings unfurled

"Join me in the skies, my love!"

Your voice like sleepy thunder

"Fly with me now and always!"

Your spell I was laid under

I almost voiced my protest

'I don't know how to fly'

Yet feathers kissed my back

Wings I could call mine

I spread them in amazement

So light and soft to feel

I flapped them and was airborne

I did not think it real

You took my hand, Sweet Angel

And we flew with peals of laughter

Our feathers stained with sunsets

The colours streaming after

I knew it had to end

Though I did not want it to

All I wished was to remain

In this paradise with you

I walked back to the doorway

Dragging heart and feet

I gazed at you, my Angel

So beautiful, so sweet

I kissed you on the cheek

And left with tearful eyes

My wings stayed there behind me

With sunrise-coloured skies

I woke up in the morning

With Heaven's key nearby

Had my dream been a reality?

Or had it been a lie?

To this day I know not

Yet whenever I feel sorrow

My angel comes to me

And we dance until the morrow