I feel your breath upon my lips

Your touch upon my fingertips

You come to me this midnight hour

You promise love while you devour

I twine my fingers through your mane

Of hair as you cry out her name

I never let the others see

The careless way you're using me

You come here always: every night

And only laugh when I would fight

You simply throw me to the ground

Bend me over, turn me 'round

My body's pushed into the floor

But it doesn't hurt me anymore

I've learned ways that I may hide

The wanton bruises on my sides

Demonic Angel, tell me why

You break my heart, you make me cry

In the daylight hours when you're gone

The pain is like a Siren song

I draw with blade a crimson line

But I'm swiftly running out of time

I bind my wounds and wait for eve

You never ask, you never grieve

You do not love me, never will

My heart by empty promise killed

Will you breathe easy when I'm gone?

Shansu, My love; it won't be long

I grab a towel and lock the door

Sit down in the tub once more

But of a bath I'm not in need

I seek to end this life I lead

I draw my dagger from its sheath

I hold it up, my wrist beneath

Ruby lace now coats my arm

And I fall prey to scarlet charm

Bloodied tip I bring to breast

I know my death is for the best

I feel no pain, I know no fear

I only smile as death draws near

I plunge knife deep into my heart

Nut even death can never part

Me from this love I feel for you

Its course is deep, its flow is true

Water and blood and flesh and bone

My soul belongs to you alone

When you get in, I hope you'll see

In love with you I'll always be

With dying breath your name I moan

My birth and death will be in stone

My friends, who love me, they will give

A tombstone for the life I've lived

Dear, sweet, love, please understand

To me you're always perfect, and

You are not cruel, I know you're scared

That deep down in your heart you cared.