Mission One

By Megamaster

The year is 2040. The NanoTech Corporation is one of the world's largest and most well known legal weapon manufactures. However, that multi-billion dollar organization is just a cover-up for NanoTech's real purpose, to train the top spies of the world and put a stop to terrorism.

"Agent Marik Bock, report to the training room immediately," a man on the speaker announces in a distinct voice.

"2:30 pm, right on time as always," Marik thinks to himself as he walks casually to his destination. Marik is wearing the standard uniform of a blue and gray colored size adjusting bulletproof suit, which covers his torso. The suit is light and not bulky so it gives the agents mobility as well as protection. Marik also likes to keeps a weapon belt on with his 8-clip D5G-Dragma handgun in it. The bottom half of his uniform is pants that match the body armor and specially designed combat boots.

Agent Bock looks around as he proceeds down the corridors. The walls and floors are made of waxed blue marble, which makes the area very pleasing to the eye. Marik takes a left turn after a few doorways into a small hall. At the end of it is a door with a sign that reads Authorized Personnel Only. Marikplaces his hand on a black pad on the wall by the door. In a few short seconds, the light above the pad flashes green and the door opens. Inside the room, Marik notices his trainer, Ray Chabman standing up tall in the center. Although he is Marik's trainer, Marik and Ray have developed a friendship over the time Marik's been with NanoTech. "Bock, you're here," Ray says. "We'd better get started then."

"Right," Marik replies. Ray ascends up a flight of stairs and into a computerized viewing area.

"I can monitor your progress in this room Marik, are you ready?" he asks.

"Yeah," Marik replies. Suddenly the room Marik is standing in starts to flicker like a static television screen. In a few moments, the large empty cement space instantly transforms into a twenty-story building and Marik is standing on top of it. Marik examines his surrounding landscape in astonishment.

"These holograms still amaze me," he comments to himself. Surrounding Marik is an unbelievably realistic landscape of an almost perfectly simulated city. Small patches of light glisten out from buildings, streetlights and cars. The stars and moon in the night sky shine down on the city below. Marik could even feel a cool breeze blowing at his face.

"This is a holographic mission simulation designed by our computer experts and mission intelligence," Ray notifies him from a speaker outside of the hologram. "Your objective is to rescue the hostage held in room 4B of floor seventeen and get back to the landing pad you're standing on right now to rendezvous with the jump ship in twenty minutes. The ship can only wait here for a short period of time, so if you don't hurry you might miss it."

"Got it," Marik replies. Marik quickly gets down to business and makes his way down a steel ramp. He notices a guard patrolling the balcony. Marik waits for him to turn his back and with one precise shot, the guard is lying on the ground in a puddle of blood. Marik continues on his way and runs up to a grate in the ground. "Maybe I can get in from here," Marik ponders. He blasts the lock pad with his gun and lifts the grate off the ground. Marik jumps in and lands inside the building's venting. Marik crawls out a few feet from his landing point and notices a vent. "No one seems to be down there," he says to himself quietly. Marik grabs the vent and gives it a forceful push. It unlocks from its position and Marik puts it to the side. The agent jumps onto the floor and glances over his shoulders. "Looks like the coast is clear." He also discovers a sign on the wall that read Floor 17. "I couldn't have got luckier than this," Marik snickers. He silently continues down the hallway of the building and slowly peaks around the corner. Marik sees a guard coming his way so he withdraws back a bit and waits for the guard to come by. As Marik thought, the guard turns around the corner where he is hiding. The man sees Marik but before he has time to react, the NanoTech agent pistol-whips the guard on the head knocking him out. Marik continues on his training and goes back around the corner.

"Room 3A," Marik notes as he looks at the label above a door. "I'm in the wrong area." Marik proceeds to a double wooden doorway at the end of the hall. "Let's see if this door will lead me to the hostage." Keeping his gun pointed up, Marik cautiously proceeds to open it. Two men standing guard by a door are visible to the agent right away.

"Who are you?" the first guard asks. "You're coming with us." Without hesitation, Marik plants a bullet in both the men's chests and runs up swiftly to the door they were guarding. Suddenly, the whole area Marik is in starts to flicker.

"What's going on?" he asks himself. The area then changes back to the empty cement room it once was. "Ray, what happened?"

"I don't know, power suddenly went off," answers Ray.

"Why didn't the backup generators kick in?" Marik asks.

"That's what's bothering me," Ray replies. Suddenly they hear a huge explosion coming from the entrance of NanoTech's secret base. At the entrance masked soldiers with semi-automatics are attacking. So many bullets are being shot that it seems as if a firework show is going on. The security tries to fight back but since they did not get fully prepared, they dropped like flies.

"How'd they find us?" a guard asks while shooting. "I don't know but we've gotta get rid of them as fast as we can!" another man exclaims. As the battle goes on, a few of the attackers retreat slowly and are unnoticed by the security team.

"Let's do this quickly while they're distracted," orders the leader of the assault. He and three other soldiers run down a corridor. They stop at a reinforced titanium door that blocks access to a Restricted Area. One of the men put up a portable holographic device in front of the pupil scanner, which forces the door to slowly open. The leader rushes into the room and turns left to discover a small security computer. One of troops hands him a device from the bag he's carrying. The leader attaches it to the computer and within seconds, all security features of the room are disabled. The men waiting outside go in the room and through another door on the opposite end. In this room, they discover a glass dome with what looked like to be a computer chip inside. Once again, the troops use the password decoder on the computer panel and the dome slides open. The men snatch the chip and run out of the room single file at a steady pace. The leader presses a button on his left wrist and activates a communicator. "Mission Complete, retreat," he notifies the troops at the entrance.

As the commander and his group return to the battlefield, the troops slowly draw back. Soon they all are out of the building. "This should keep them from following us," the commander snickers. He throws a hand grenade at the hole they made in the wall, which buys them just enough time, to escape in their helicopter.

"What happened here?" Marik yells out to the men at the destroyed entrance on the base. Just then Marik notices the founder of NanoTech, Jerry Halm boldly walking his way after talking to one of the security guards.

"Mr. Chabman," Jerry says to Ray. "Come to the meeting room in thirty minutes. We need to have a discussion with the other board members."

"Right sir," Ray replies. "Marik you should go to the firing range and practice, while we have the meeting. I'll talk to you later," Ray suggests.

"Sure thing," replies Marik.

Meanwhile, the troops that attacked the NanoTech base are in a desert like landscape. The pilot of the helicopter presses a button on his control panel and a camouflaged panel in the ground starts to open. He carefully maneuvers the helicopter down and into the newly revealed hole. The panel closes again as soon as the helicopter is in. Inside the cave, there is more than what one would think there would be. The walls are made out of steel, making it look like a military base. Security guns are visible on the walls and ceiling of the area. However, the most noticeable feature of the secret underground base is the huge computer covering one whole wall. As the helicopter lands, a woman in about her mid thirty's and two other men who appeared to be her associates approach it.

"Mr. Crang, have you retrieved the computer chip?" the woman asks the leader of the troops as the men exit the helicopter.

"Yeah," he replies holding up a small plastic chamber, which contained the chip.

"Excellent," the women remarks and proceeds to take it. The man withdraws the chip from her reach.

"Not so fast. What about our pay?" he reminds her. The woman motions one of her associates to open the briefcase he is holding.

"Two million dollars in new unmarked bills as promised. Now would you be so kind as to hand over the chip?" the woman asks. Mr. Crang gives her the chip and makes a trade for the briefcase full of money.

"Pleasure doing business with you, we'll be on our way now." With that, he and his troops get back in the helicopter and leave the base.

Back at NanoTech, the meeting is still going on.

"I'm telling you, Marik is the perfect man for the job. His training scores are the highest we have on record," Ray discusses.

"That may be so," another man replies. "But he has hardly no experience with work on the field. This is a very important matter, we cannot afford any mistakes."

"I will take full responsibility for him," Ray objects. "He has all the skills needed for this assignment. With my help there is no reason for him to fail."

"I don't like this idea Chabman, but Bock is a talented young man. I think I will consider putting him on the assignment if you are there to help him," Jerry agrees. "Bring him to our mission intelligence to get him prepared. This meeting is adjourned."

Ray heads to the firing rage to meet Marik as soon as the meeting is over. When he gets to the room, Ray observes how Marik is doing.

"Seven targets moving around in random directions… let's see how he does," Ray notes to himself. With pinpoint accuracy, Marik nails the targets in the center on every shot. "Impressive, just as I thought," Ray says to himself. "Marik!" Ray exclaims to get his attention. Bock looks up and sees Ray on top of a staircase. "I need to talk to you. Come to mission intelligence in ten minutes," Ray says before he goes off again.

"Mission intelligence?" Marik asks himself. "Why would they want me there?" Although he wishes he had time to ask Ray why, Marik follows orders and arrives right on time.

"Ah, Marik you're here," Ray greets him. Marik looks around the room and sees Ray, Jerry and a few other people probably working in the department standing in the room.

"Mr. Bock," Jerry starts to speak. "You have been chosen for a mission to retrieve an extremely important item stolen from us. The attack earlier today was nothing but a distraction for a few of their men to get into our research facilities. Please, sit down." Marik now has many questions but he does as he is told. A holographic image of a computer chip suddenly appears from a projector located on a table in front of where everyone is seated.

A man from mission intelligence steps up to explain what is going on.

"This is the Crentaga-9H4K computer hacking chip. It has the ability to get you into any computer system in the world. No computer security would be able to block it from getting access. It was designed by our computer technicians to disable any illegal military stations or such things like that. However, research on the chip was canceled due to the risk of it getting into the wrong hands. It has the ability to start a war." The man steps down and another one comes up. The holographic image changes into a large building.

"This is the Data Corporation. We have reasons to believe they were the ones to attack and steal the chip. If you are to accept this mission Agent Bock, you will have to infiltrate their building and get to their underground base by means of a specially designed elevator in a hidden section of the building."

"Before we go any further into the situation, do you accept this mission Agent Bock?" Jerry cuts in and asks.

"Shouldn't someone with more experience than me get the job?" Marik asks.

"We were thinking that as well, but Mr. Crobman here has the utmost confidence in you." Marik ponders the situation for a few moments.

"I've decided to take the assignment," Marik finally says. Ray nods in approval.

"Excellent," Jerry replies. The man explaining the mission continues.

"At 11:00 tonight, you'll be dropped off at the top of the Data Corp building. Get to the bottom floor and use the specially designed elevator located behind a movable wall to get to their underground base. We aren't sure where exactly they will be keeping the chip so you will have to search. Security will not be too tight but still be on guard. Once you retrieve the chip, escape from the base. We'll be there to pick you up. Understood?"

"Yes," Marik replies.

"Good, you better get ready to go, it's going to be a long night for you," Jerry suggests. With that, they all leave the room and go about their business.

"Agent Bock, report to the landing pad immediately," a woman on the speaker announces.

"It's time," Marik reminds himself. Marik paces steadily down the corridor and through a door to get him to the outdoor landing pad behind the building. Ray hands Marik a small communicator before he got in the ship.

"Use this to keep in touch with me Marik," Ray explains. Marik gives him a smirk before he gets on the ship and starts on his way to Data Corp. In less than fifteen minutes, the ship makes it to the Data Corporation's Headquarters. The silent engines on the ship made it so the people inside couldn't hear it.

"Ok kid I'm dropping you off here," the pilot says.

"Right," Marik answers. The ship is pretty low so Marik leaped onto the cement roof. The ship left the area after he is off.

"Ok… just think of this as training," Marik says to himself. Just then he discovers a door a few feet away from him. He runs up and opens it. "No one's here… good." Marik goes down a metal staircase and through a second door. "Ok I have to get to the bottom floor. I need to find an elevator." Just then Marik hears footsteps coming up the stairs. He hides behind an outcropping in the wall to see who it is. Marik sees it is only a guard. To avoid detection, he aims for the man's head and plants a bullet in it. Marik makes his way to the bottom of the stairs and slowly opens the door in front of him. As the door moves out of the way, Marik could clearly see a guard in front of him.

"Who are you?" the guard asks. "Quick sound the ala…" Marik shoots him before he could finish his sentence and picks off the other guy on the opposite side of the room before he could touch the alarm. With no one else in the room, Marik decides to take the elevator right beside him. The elevator starts to go down at an extremely fast pace as soon as Marik selects his destination. Floors go past his eyes like blurs.

"There's bound to be many guards on the bottom floor," he says to himself. Just then Marik remembers a device he got from the scientists at NanoTech. He takes it out from his weapons belt. "So this is the prototype cloaking device they've been working on… I only have a few seconds of invisibility. Better use it wisely."

In no time at all, Marik is at the bottom floor. Before anyone laid eyes on him, he turns on the cloaking device and it works like a charm. Without wasting any more time, Marik gets out of the elevator and tries to find the secret wall. Ray suddenly comes on the communicator.

"Marik, go down the stairway beside you. From there, go to the far left wall. Behind that wall is the elevator," Ray tells him.

"Thanks." Marik speeds down the stairs and past the guards before the cloaking ran out. "Now what?" he asks himself when he gets to the wall. He backs up a bit and his foot sinks into the floor. "What's this?" When he lifts his foot, the wall starts to open revealing a steel elevator. Marik quickly steps in and closes the door right on time since the cloaking ran out right after. The agent notices a button on the wall that read Launch. "Let's try this." He pushes the button and almost immediately, the elevator starts to move at an incredible rate. Marik gets smashed into the walls because of the speedy turns it made. In about thirty seconds, the elevator jumps to a sudden stop. Marik gets up from the ground and aims his gun at the door as it opens.

Surprisingly, no one is there. Marik cautiously exits the elevator and looks in every direction to see if anyone is there.

"No one?" he asks himself. Marik approaches the huge supercomputer at the other side of the room and sees the stolen computer chip lying on the console. "This was almost too easy," Marik says as he goes to grab it.

"Not so fast," a woman behind him says. Her two associates are with her as well. She sees Marik's hand slowly going for the chip. "I wouldn't do that. There's a gun pointed right at you. One wrong move and you're dead." Marik grabs a hand grenade from his belt unnoticed and then raises his hands in surrender. "See, it was as easy as that," the women comments. Suddenly, Marik drops the grenade on the floor. The woman and her associates peer down to see what it is. Marik uses this to his advantage. He turns around and punches the two guys and the face.

"See ya," Marik taunts. He grabs the computer chip and bolts it out of room and into a corridor. "Where's the door!" Marik exclaims as he runs. "Ah ha!" He makes a left at the first turn and breaks through a door.

Marik emerges in a small tunnel, which would lead him to above ground. He could clearly distinguish the jump ship at about a hundred meters away from the exit. Before he left for the ship, Marik grabs another device from his belt and throws it at the ground. A blue energy shield appears blocking exit from the door. "That should keep them in for a while." Marik continues running for the ship and leaps in. Ray is inside waiting for him when he gets in.

"Did you get the chip?" Ray asks. Marik grins and shows him it. "Nice job," Ray compliments.

"We're taking off," the pilot notes. The jump ship slowly propels off the ground and in no time at all, they start to head home.