I always thought something wonderful would happen to me one day. Like how exciting things happen to ordinary kids in the movies. I thought it would be fun and in the end I'd catch the bad guys and I would be famous. When things got me down, I would think of the day when I would be given the chance to save the world and I lived for it. But when my chance finally came, what happened turned out to be quite different from what I had imagined.

It was a nice day, a good day. The birds were singing in the trees and there was a gentle breeze. It was perfect, just like in the movies. I skipped school; it wasn't anything unusual, I always did that, especially if we had a math test. I was taking a nice long stroll in the park, along the river's edge, and life was wonderful, just like in the movies. Yes, I'm a movie buff, and proud of it!

I had just about finished my walk and thought of going and getting something to eat, when I noticed two persons following me. If I stopped, they stopped, and they went wherever I went. They were suspicious looking, never looking directly at me, but more like peering out of the sides of their eyes. I had watched enough movies to know that something was not right.

I looked around, but strangely, there seemed to be no one else in the park except those creepy looking guys and I. I guess there was only one thing I could do, to make a dash for it, but I had to make it quick. Suddenly, I got an idea. I made a gesture as if I had spotted something really interesting at the far end of the park. The two idiots fell for it! I got my chance and I took it. I sprinted away down a somewhat unused road in the park. It looked dark and gloomy and I thought they wouldn't think of looking for me there. I stopped to breathe. But alas, that was a move I will regret for the rest of my life, for the 2 men heard me and came running up. I ran for my life, like I had never run before. But they were soon catching up.

Suddenly, someone appeared in front of me. Oh what a relief! I thought I was a goner. I got images of my guardian angel and my rescuer and my hero in my head. I screamed. "Help! There are 2 guys after me! You have to help! Please!" But he did nothing. He only smiled and said, "I know". I couldn't believe it. I was all alone on a lonely abandoned road in a park and was surrounded by three scary men. I tried to run again and went onto the grass. "Just like the movies," I thought. "Just like the movies, just like the mo. OUCH!" It's a nice feeling, being hit by a tranquilliser, I can tell you. The warm feeling of it spreading all over your veins, numbing your body. A warm feeling. I fell to the ground.

I had been hit by a tranquilliser dart, like I was an animal in the zoo or something. I couldn't move a muscle. Slowly I started getting drowsy. I remember being picked up and put in the back of a van. After that, I drifted off to sweet slumber and could remember no more. I HAD BEEN CAPTURED. By whom, or why, I had no idea whatsoever. I do remember one thing though, that was wishing I had never watched that James Bond movie instead of studying for the math test.


I woke up to the sound of traffic. I had a terrible headache and for a while, I couldn't remember where I was, until I felt my hands, tied behind my back with some sort of coarse rope. My mouth was covered with duct tape. I looked around and my eyes slowly got accustomed to the darkness. One, I recognised as the nasty man who wouldn't help me, some guardian angel, and the other I hadn't noticed before. He was typing something on a laptop computer, and I know it seems weird, but at that moment when I looked at him, I had a feeling that I was not in grave danger or at least not for the time being.

The 'guardian angel' noticing that I had woken up, said mockingly," Well, good morning! How are you today?" I don't know why he asked me that, it's not like I could answer. I just looked straight into his eyes. I tried to look as unafraid as I could, but it was really tough. "There's no use in screaming, no one outside can hear you, and as for inside, if you do." He pulled out a deadly looking gun. My heart started beating triple times the normal rate. With that, he pulled off the tape from my mouth. It hurt, but not as much as my leg. I tried to move it, but it hurt too much. I guess I must have hurt it when I fell. I cringed.