This poem is kind of depressing I know. I wrote it about two years ago on impulse during an English class. It was raining outside, and I was feeling kind of down. I hope someone out there likes it.

The Longing of My Soul

How my heart longs for adventure

It is the part of my soul that has never been touched

To see the world in its original state

And tread where no feet have tread before

My heart aches for it

To be alone on a hill above the clouds

With forests all around me

Watching the red hot sun fall behind

A perfect world

Where animals and humans live in peace

And love is pure and honest

But I am afraid that part of my heart

Will never see day

For the world is not what it was

And never will be

I will go on with this ache forever

In a city with people I can never

Share this longing that I have

This ache I will carry

Forever until I die

Unsatisfied with the life I have not lived

So...Tell me what you think! I'm open to any opinion, only, this is my first time posting something on FF net—so please be gentle. ^_^