One day I was talking to my friend Kyle. I was talking about how I'd seen floating kitties. So I said "Floating kitties?! What will they think of next... Water resistant monkeys perhaps?"

"Do you mean like sea monkeys?" Kyle said with a smile.

"No I mean like regular monkeys. But like ones that don't get wet."

"Perhaps if we covered them with rubber?" Kyle suggested.

"YES! And then they would bounce!" I exclaimed.

Me and Kyle bought a few dozen monkeys from the local monkey store and bought gallons or liquid rubber. We then painted the rather tame primates. The rubber dried slowly but once it did the monkeys became bouncy. We then did a water proof test. Kyle filled the tub with water and I put the monkeys in.

"Looks like it worked!" I shouted with glee.

"Of course it worked. It was our idea." Kyle smiled.

Me and Kyle decided to sell the monekys to small children. We thought kids like monkeys. Kids like toys. Surely kids will like live bouncy monkey toys!

Aparently not. The tame monkeys, after having rubber slopped on them by humans, then dunked in water by humans and being boxed by humans, decided they didn't like humans. As soon as the small children ripped open the boxes the monkeys ripped open their faces.

"Grreat idea Terri!" Kyle said.

"Ok... So they have a slight draw back." I admitted.

"SLIGHT DRAW BACK?!" Kyle yelled "They're harming kids!"

"I know! We'll take them off the markey and then use them as weapons!" I said.

"And attack who?" Kyle wondered.

Kyle thought about it for a while. Then I saw it. That look in his eye. he knew what I was thinking. Kyle shot up from the chair he was in.

"WE COULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" Kyle and I both yelled.

So me and Kyle breed more killer monkeys and let them loose in Germany, Japan, Kenya and all of those damned Hawaiian Isalnds. We quickly conquered. NO ONE COULD STOP THE KILLER RUBBER MONKEYS! And no one did. Kyle took over the rest of Asia and Australia while I took over Europe and Africa. We split up the Americas and left Antartica alone because it's too damn cold. Now you must all bow down before me! MUHAHAHAHAA *Kyle walks over and taps his foot* I mean you must all bow down before us! Muhahahahaha! AAAAAAH HAHAHHAHAHAHHA AAAAAAH HA HA HA HA Aaahw you get it!