Forever Eternal Of Darkness Soul
Angie Nicole

Disclaimer: I do not know any characters but feel reclined to say these are my ideas to whom of anyone cares and are not to be stolen for my hours of research in this story is worth more then a copier so there for this is a copy righted story, find your own ideas, don't steal mine. Thank you

As dawn light approached I felt inclined to take shelter upon the damp ground of my coffin, a lost spirit of a darkened child I seem to have become, a night child, the mortal tongue calls it. My life as a mortal never was very promising as being a vampyer is now. Never had I expected to become a hunter of man, a beast of slayers, and heart of the underground of vampires. My thoughts always seem to come at day break, even though I knew sun would not turn me within dust, and that I could not turn into a winged bat and fly, a myth has ruined what we truely are. If not a mortal then another of our kind. It almost disgusted me to be a night child. Times have changed and I remain ageless. 150 years ago a walk out with my boyfriend DorJan, turned into everything a girl at my time would dream of, until I learned of his true past. He knew I would do anything for him, and I would have. Our hearts were forever connected with energy, weather we were dead, or alive. I remember that night so well, as forever it will be planted within my memory.

Our souls were one as we walked, a connection like I have never felt before, a fear in my heart over penatrated my soul, I knew the look in his eyes he always had when something good did not approach. He embraced my hands within his and looked into my eyes with his. We stood for minuets, until finally he had spoken.

" I fear I shall not be able to continue with our midnight walks, I am to leave before sunrise and continue somewhere else so people do not get suspicious of who I really am, I fear if they find out my death shall be more sooner than I wish. People already start to notice I only come out to enjoy the night and never am present during the day's events." Dorjan replied with a low voice. His long flowing hair blowing gently within the night's mild winds. I looked up into his eyes, the trees around moved silently, at the moment my fear of him leaving finally sunk within my chest and when it had the realisation made my heart ache worse.

" Dorjan you cannot leave me! Please I beg of you to take me with you, I beg to become one, our souls connect, make me as you are, and no longer will anything stop us for being eternal." I replied while looking into his sorrowful eyes once more.

" Stacia, I...I cannot, I cannot take responsibility for what may happen to you, my sire died as I was left to fend for myself as his sire died to leave him to defend himself, I cannot bare to hold a burden over my guilt if something were to happen to me, and you bare the responsibility of what you would become, even in my death I could not bare to feel that guilt, so my responce has to be of refusal." Dorjan replied sadly, his eyes of guilt and his voice I could only call sorrowful. I to had felt the same but never felt the consequence until it was too late.

I wanted to be one with him, and at the moment I thought of the only thing that entered my mind. Before I knew anything my hand had connected with his left cheek, causing him to flinch in pain, I saw his his fangs slowly decend down, and his eye pupils turn a crinsom red.

I smiled and hit him harder, only this time I knew what would happen. Before I knew anything of what happened I felt his teeth puncture my neck into the blood vein where he drank. I stood still as he sucked what life had created away into his. My legs buckled and gave out beneath me only to still be in position with a grip of my love's arms. Weaker and weaker I was until it seemed I could no longer stay awake and so I passed into the wrold of death.

Dorjan sighed quietly and set down my body only to reach in upon his pocket and pull out a blade, he put it to his wrist and slit across, allowing the blood to spill out upon the ground before putting it to mine.

He closed his eyes and looked toward the sky" What was hers is now mine, what is mine allow to become hers, what is hers allow to become mine, together as one is now as I say."

I remember slowly decending back into the wrold as it were only a short trip out, I remember looking into the now caring eyes of Dorjan, as I was unaware of the blood that was filling my mouth, until I swollowed, allowing the sweet liquid to drip down within my throat, as I felt my Knines slowly sharpen into fangs. I tried to push away but his wrist stayed upon my lips.

" You need to drink until the wound is healed, then no blood shall pour out and that is when you shall know." I nodded weakly my energy returned slowly and as it did his wound upon his wrist healed, without any evidence that any events tonight took place.

As I sat up he sighed." Stacia, I'm sorry, deeply..." I cut him off.

" Do not be sorry for something I have dreamed in so long of being, just promise to never leave me Dorjan...promise to not leave the burden you have had to suffer." I said pleadingly.

" I promise to always be here, if not in a form then in spirit." He replied, but I did not know over the next few hours everything that was promised would all be broken.

Hours passed and our walk still pressed on, where we ventured to I could not say, I was frightened to be what I am and at the same time exhilarated to become something other then just another human. I always felt different, like I shouldn't be with the human life that I was born and raised in, instead I always felt I was in another race, and this just prooved my instincts right, for now I was content and knew I was finally where I was supposed to be.

I sighed and turned to Dorjan." Where are we going?" He smiled.

" You shall see soon enough, I have an underground to protect us from the sun and with me are others like us, they'll except you into the family like they did with me a long time ago." So hold your fears and let them be of relief nothing will happen to you, as nothing will happens to any of us.

I nodded and continued to walk on silently though my thoughts went wild within my mind. I looked into his green hazel eyes his golden honeydew hair hung down gently blowing in the air, he stood about 6'0 ft if not more, his slender frame moved with mine as we walked down a long forest dirt road and into the deep trees from civilization and from my old life. Problems seemed so far away but they were closer then I'd ever thought or imagined.

As the hours passed the forest seemed to never end and I felt myself become tense and uneasy, looking around the forest at day's almost light. " Dorjan how much further do we have to travel? I feel fear amongst these parts of the woods, things normally not felt. I say we use a different path."

" Nonsense Stacia we are not in danger nor is there any tension, I see nothing that could hurt us, except the souls at our feet and that only minor."

" Dorjan please..." I began but was cut short by an arrow aimed only inches to spare from my neck to a tree right beside me. It was then I noticed hunters.

I saw Dorgan extend his fangs and crouch onto one of the men, instantly sinking his fangs into the man's neck and drinking his blood.

I ran and hid behind a tree fearing and watching the scene before me. I saw one man grab an ax from his side, I tried to warn him through thought but he did not listen, my voice wouldn't carry to him, no joint would work. Instead I saw the slayer's men grab ahold of my Dorjan and hold him to the ground. The slayer took perfect aim before bringing down upon his neck. Blood fell from the open hole as his head rolled a bit to the left, his fangs still extended his eyes still glistening, but 15 seconds later, became as dull as gray, his imortal life was gone, his soul released, but with him he to took part of my life. I walked where I was instructed, as they looked for me but I was too far hidden within my atmosphere to be seen. I walked for two hours more before finding a small underground door. I went in and was greeted with my kind who welcomed me. I belonged to them and have felt I finally belonged. I felt emotion but no tears came, for the grief of my lost love, and sire. I shall always love him even if a promise could not help but be broken I know his sacrifice was for my own, what was mine let be his, and what was his let be mine...together as one... forever.

So here I lay now in my dark cave as the sun arised, another night of hunting finished only to be brought to attention the next. 150 years have passed and still I am ageless, as are the others. My heart aches for Dorjan and still when I look up to the dark sky on full moons its like I can always hear him repeat that chant, I still imagine his guilt, but I to have caused the guilt...I'm guilty for betraying his love, and for turning me for my own dreams, I'll always keep in my mind that we are always as one, once was mine is now his, once was his will always be mine. Forever souls connect...forever together never to be seperate again. So here I lay now in my coffin, the sound dead, thinking of my past, and what shall lay within my future, if only the future was as promising as the past.




Guilty as sin, yes I confess
I can't deny
Strong in the heart, weak in the flesh
I never meant to do you wrong

I swear the soul gets blistered along the way
But when you hurt the things you love
You gotta know

If you mean hope, if you mean fear
Of those words that you've been longing to hear
If you mean faith, if you mean love
Then I'm guilty, I'm guilty of all the above

Can't hide the truth, I stand accused
Don't ask me why
I question every move and thought I had
That's going on inside

I swear the soul gets blistered along the way
But when you hurt the things you love
You gotta know

If you mean hope, if you mean fear
All those words that you've been longing to hear
If you mean faith, if you mean love
Then I'm guilty
And if it's wrong to feel this right
I can't help it and I won't fight
If you mean faith, if you mean love
Then I'm guilty, I'm guilty of all the above

It's not my first offence and it won't be the last
I would not change a thing except what's in the past

If you mean hope, if you mean fear
All those words that you've been longing to hear
If you mean faith, if you mean love
Then I'm guilty of loving you
If you mean hope (guilty), if you mean fear, never said I was innocent
(Heal me)
Wrap your arms around me
If you mean, if you mean love and it's you that I want
And I won't fight
And if it's wrong, it feels right
Guilty, guilty