~Chapter Thirteen~


Well, Edward and the other guy who's name was Derrick went to court and got convicted for Matthew's murder. They are now serving 30 years in jail. Me and Jenny repaired our friendship even though it was harder since she's doesn't trust me as much anymore. And she also realized that she wasn't really gay; but she really wasn't straight. She decided that she was bisexual.

Lauren had her baby. It was a beautiful baby boy weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces. They had a DNA test, and it turns out Robert is the daddy. And to be a loser, he's somewhat of a good father. I mean he could be better, but he's doing better than a lot of other niggers. And guess who the God mamma is? Me! His name is Marcus Robert Miller. And I convinced her mamma to let her stay at home as longer as came straight home from after school, do her homework, and not stay out all late until 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning. Her mamma takes care of Marcus while is away at school.

She changed her ways also. She now doesn't fuck every guy she meets. She actually gets time to know them. For one she doesn't want to wind up pregnant again or have aids like Kendall and Mandy. And also she realized what she was doing wasn't smart.

Kendall did go get the test after I bugged the hell out of him. Unfortunately, he also had the HIV virus. They don't know who gave it to whom, but they both got it. I also informed Tamika that she should get a test too since she had also slept with Kendall. Thank God she didn't have it! My parents were devastated, but they have learned to live with it. So Kendall ain't fucking as many hoes as he used to.

After high school, Mika, well Tamika, (I call her that now) went into beauty school because she could do some hair - like when I first met hair and she had those French braids in her hair, she did that herself. I still keep in contact with her, though.

In senior year of high school Emily got involved with this loser Danny. She got pregnant by him. Instead of going to college after high school she married him. They divorced after only two years of marriage, and he doesn't do anything to help them support their daughter Destiny.

And as for me? It's five years later, and I go to Illinois State University. Jenny is also with there with me. We're seniors. wanted to go there to, but since Illinois State is far away and we stay in the dormitory and has a baby, she couldn't. Instead she goes to Chicago State University, where she just can take the bus to and from. Willow goes to Trinity Christian College where most people who graduated from Chicago Christian went. Me and Jenny didn't want to go there. We wanted to meet some new people.

Everyday me and Jenny still wear our friendship bracelets, and I still wear the locket.

Even though I never really got over the deaths of Brandon and Matthew, I feel better because I know they're in a better place. I also have a boyfriend now. His name is Erik, and he's the best thing that's happen to me since Matthew. He doesn't mind that I wear the locket. Oh, by the way, he's white.