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Chapter 2

"Talk already! You've been ignoring me for the past 15 minutes!" I ranted into the phone. Justin was getting me extremely angry. He was practically ignoring me. Wait, he was. I shouldn't be mad at him, it is his own business not mine at all. I tried to reason with myself. But since it involved Jessie, I had to find out.

What is so bad about Jessie? Let me tell you. She's fat. Okay, maybe that's just cold of me. Scratch that then. Let's just say that she's "big-boned". The point I'm trying to make is that because she's physically not that attractive, she has become an ultra jealous, controlling, and evil girlfriend in my humble opinion. Yea, right * cough cough * Because she's afraid of losing Justin, Jessie practically follows his every single move and scare off all the potential girls that have crushes on him. That's just wrong though because she should have trust in him. He did fall in love with her, but being a control freak like that is just wrong. Justin should deserve any friend he wants, and chill with girls he want. If he likes her enough, he'll stay faithful. Simple as that. Oh, why doesn't Justin notice? Jessie acts like a total sweet heart to Justin and makes herself seem like an innocent and pure angel….


"Justin ducky! Wassup?" I greeted him afterschool.

"Nothing, Mar, ya shorty." I stick my tongue at him and let out a growl.

"What you doing here?" I questioned curiously. He was standing near the trashcans where nasty flies where flying around.

"waiting for Jessie"

"oh..reealllly nice spot you picked" I teased.

"Hey! Not my fault. Jessie picked it."

"uh-huh. She picked a nice spot to make out. Lotsa flies. Aren't you guys gonna enjoy yourselves?" I grinned and dodged his punch, which was aiming for my shoulder. "hey, didn't your mama tell you not to hurt girls" I teased some more.

He gave me his puppy face and started whimpering like the Sad Sam stuffed animal. Awww, he looked so cute. He took my hand and started rubbing it against the side of his face. Ahhh..the guilt of teasing him. He was so adorable looking like that. Crap, so simply irresistible. What the heck am I saying?

A high pitch squeal interrupted my little thoughts. "JUSTIN! THERE YOU ARE!" exclaimed Jessie. She gave me her death glare, which she gave all girls. I just smirked. I ain't backing off Jessie. I hope you know that. I told myself. 'He's my friend too' I ranted, 'and you can't take him away from me.'

"Hey Jessie…umm.." Jessie had taken the liberty of gripping onto him tightly. She had put his arm around her and she put her arms around his waist. Jessie started kissing Justin lightly on the lips and went back for some more. I turned red. I didn't want to see them make out. But she was such a bitch, making out with him just so that I would feel uncomfortable and leave. God. No damn manners.

"Umm..Jessie.." He took her face in his hand and looked her in the eye. "What the heck are you doing?"

"kissing you Justin. What else? You don't want me to kiss you." Jessie pouted and acted hurt. Oh my god, what a lame excuse.

"well, we kinda have a friend here and I don't think she wants to see us like this…." Thank You, at least someone got brains here.

"Let's go then" She smiled innocently.

"But..but.." Justin gave me a helpless look.

"It's all right, go ahead. I'll see you later." Justin smiled gratefully and left. The nerve she has to act like that.

~End of flashback~

Anyways, at the end of that little incident, Jessie started threatening me whenever Justin wasn't around. She kept telling me to back off or she would send her "gangsta" to attack me. Yeah..really scary.

One day, Justin showed up at my doorstep and I didn't even invite him. Something was wrong. He had this look of disbelief, but also this look of hurt. I was about to say something, but he brought his hand up to silence me. The last words he said was "I'm sorry Mar. You're hurting my girlfriend and you can't be doing that." I gaped there in shock. What is he talking about? " I'll see ya. Later." He just left after that line. I didn't even have time to stop him. I was just frozen from confusion and shock. After that, he stopped talking to me. I didn't even know what he was talking about. So I'm assuming that his girlfriend made up some pathetic lie that I was hurting her. What didn't make sense was that Justin was lying or he was hiding something. I only knew that because Justin was looking at the floor. He wouldn't look at me in the eye. He was also fidgeting. That's why I hate Jessie so much.

"Justin…You still there?" I asked consciously.

"Ya, I am.." he mumbled barely audible.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pressure you like that," I apologized, "But can you answer one question for me?"

Justin sighed and replied, "okay… just one question."

"Alright, why is it that you don't want to answer my questions? Why don't you want to tell me what Jessie said? And why won't you tell me why you disappeared from my life for so damn long?"

"That's 3 questions, Mar." I let out a small laugh. "Anyhow, it's because Jessie told me not to and I love her and I don't want to break her trust," he told me. Oh my lord, that manipulative son of a bitch brainwashed him too!

"I just remembered. Why did you call me in the first place?" I questioned curiously.

"Oh ya, I wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out with me today. So –"

"OH MY GOD! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" I interrupted him happily.

"Umm..because you where bothering me about stuff?" he said with a hint of irritation in his voice, but quickly replaced it with happiness. I guess he wants to see me too. I grinned happily from that thought. " So you want to come over? I'm grounded and I can't leave the house."

I laughed at him. "okies dokies. I'm coming! And I'm still sorry for pestering you though," I said honestly.

"it's alright. Don't worry bout it." What a forgiving guy too!

"Anyway, I be at your house in about 1 hour, okies?"

"Alright, laters Mar."

"Later Justin ducky! Heh. I didn't forget your famous nickname yet." I teased.

"psh, shush girlie."

"hah. Fine. I'll see you. Bye-Bye ducky!" I cracked up when I heard him groan and I hanged up the phone.

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