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Chapter 6

I could hear Jessie steps come closer. I was hoping for a miracle and dreading what would happen if Jessie came in. Justin was attempting to persuade her, but she wouldn't' listen.

"Jessie….it's just my sister's jacket."

"yeah right..Your sis is goth and lives like 10 freakkin' states away." Jessie told him.

"but how did you know she didn't come visit? It is summer you know," reasoned Justin.

"Justin! What is wrong with you? Don't fucking lie to me! You two hate each others guts like hell!" Jessie exploded once again. Justin gave an exasperated sigh. Damnit, don't tell me he gave up already… The phone suddenly rang. YES, a distraction! Justin quickly ran down the hall to his room, and picked up the phone. Justin glanced nervously at me.

"Hello?" Justin answered, "uh-huh. I pomise. Is that why you called me? WHAT?! You do know I'm not a little kid anymore don't you? Yeah it. Bye bye. Love you, mom." He put the phone back on the receiver and looked quite relieved. Justin took Jessie's arm just about she was going to step inside his room and led her away.

"Ugh. What are you doing? Let me go!" Jessie slapped at his hand to make him loosen his grip.

"Umm…walking you to the door…"

"Noooo..I don't want to leave yet. I want to see what's inside your room."

"'s MY room and it's MY personal space so you DON'T have the right to go walking in there. Besides you need to leave and I can't go out. I'm grounded. I kinda forget earlier"

"LIAR!" she screeched.

"If I am, why would my mom call me huh?" Justin challenged.

"I don't know, but let me go!" Jessie demanded. She tried shoving and hitting Justin, but he wouldn't loosen his grip yet he didn't tighten it. He stayed calmed and started dragging Jessie to the door. He tried not to hurt Jessie in the process, but she was making the job impossible. The whole time, Jessie was screaming and hitting him. Man, how does Justin get this much patience? I would have exploded by now and just say fuck it and break up. Eventually after 15 minutes of struggling, Jessie gave up and marched out the door cursing.

Justin came back tiredly and sloched against the wall on the floor. Wow, she must have worn him out pretty bad. I crawled over to him and whimpered with a silly grin on my face. He chuckled and ruffled my hair.

"Hrm…you alright though?" I questioned worridly.

"Heh. Yea, I'm fine..just that controlling Jessie takes a lot of energy."

"Oh..well..You do know she's going to be pretty suspicious now, don't you?" I softly said. I didn't want to bring up the topic, but I had to. Justin just nodded his head.

"Don't worry, Mar. I won't let her hurt you." Justin comforted. I look at him in confusion.

"Heh. How did I know?" I nodded. "Cause I'm damn good," he joked then he got serious. "Mar…" He took my face genly in his hands and made me look at him. "even if I haven't seen or talked to you in months. It does not mean I forgot you or that I don't know you. You're sill my friend and always will be." He emphasized. "I may not know you the best, but I can still sense your feelings , okay?" I nodded. "And I promise you one more thing…I'm not going to lose you again, you mean too much to me." I smiled. That was so sweet. He wrapped his arms around my waist so that that I was leaning comfortable against his chest. He started nuzzling my cheek and making little circles on my stomach. So comforting. After awhile, I fell asleep.

I moaned when I felt Justin move. "Mmmm…did I wake you?'

"Nah," I tiredly replied. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. "What time is it anyways?"

"Umm…almost 7:00," he answered, " I think you should start going home..getting late."

"Alright, but I don't want to go..If I do, I probably won't see you for like the longest time." I sadly replied.

"Don't worry, you will. I told you before, I'm not going to lose you again." Justin said determinately.

"Okies dokie, ducky. I trust you." I stood up and attempted to put Justin up, but I ended up falling down on him when he yanked me. "HEY, I was trying to help you up ya know." I exclaimed.

"But wah if I dun wan Mar to goo?" Justin said attempting to use baby talk. I just gave him a weird look.

"I gotta go Ducky..i'm sorry..huggles though!" I gave Justin a quick hug and he shoved me out the door. "What? Now you don't want me to stay?" Justin nodded with a cheesy grin. "Fine, be that way." And I flicked him off. Then I lost it. Justin's face was contorted into this weird way. My jaw practically fell to the floor. I was laughing so hard that tears were practically coming out of my eyes.

"I was just kidding!" I exclaimed loudly. "I'm sorry..but don't tell me you believed me though!" I laughed even harder. I don't even know if it's possible, but I went into another fit of laughter. He actually believed me! The look on his face just showed me. He couldn't hide it. This is the first time Justin fell for one of my lame jokes!

"Justin..What happened to you? How could you fall for that?! That was the lamest of the lame," I managed to say with tears coming out. I was gasping for breath. I didn't know laughing took so much energy.

"Mar, Shush. Get going now," Justin said embarrassingly. His cheeks were still tainted red.

"Tsk tsk tsk…you shouldn't be embarrassed." Justin turned even more red when I said that. He glared at me. Oops..i think I took it too far… "I'm sorry…you're not mad at me are you?" I questioned sincerely.

"I'm not..really" he added and grinned when he saw that I didn't believe him.

"Well..if you say so," I said uncertainly, "but I'm sorry. Call me! And I still wub ya ducky. Don't forget that!"

"Yups..bye bye shorty."

"Lata." I game a smile and waved good-bye. I walked down the hall in a pretty good mood. That was an interesting day…fun..weird..crazy..and scary…man..Jessie is still the same..I don't know how Justin puts up with her. He must like her a lot…now that I think bout it..Why did he- I had just turned around the corner and I felt myself get slapped in the face. Ow..What the fuck?! I snapped my head back and looked for the person who just hit me. My eyebrows were furrowed and I wanted to pound the asshole who just did that. I let out a low growl and let a punch out when I saw the figure.

"Don't you DARE hit me, Marie," Jessie spited out. I barely stopped myself in time. Damnit..I wanted to hit her too..grrr…Well I could..but I don't want to cause more problems cause I swear if I make a single mark on her. She'll go bitching to Justin. I felt my blood starting to boil.

"'re the lil bitch that's been hiding in Justin's room…You sure stayed in there for a long time…I hope you didn't do anything I wouldn't do. And I DON'T appreciate the fact that you where there." Jessie took my chin and gripped it tightly leaving her nail imprints on it.

"GUESS WHAT?! I didn't fucking do anything!" I exploded. I was trying so damn hard to not attack her. "And you know what? I DON'T want your boyfriend, wait, let me rephrase that…I want him [what the hell..where did THAT come from?] but I don't steal. I got my morals and I ain't evil like you! And unlike you, I don't control people!" I spitted out venomously. Wow, that was kool..i needed to let that out..i wanted to say that for sucnh along ass time..

"ha! I care what you want to know why? It's cause his hopelessly in love with me and I got him wrapped around my finger." Jessie snottily said while showing her index finger. "Besides you can't do anything and I wouldn't be too proud of yourself cause if you don't watch your back, you're going down," sneered Jessie. Jessie gave me her death glare and walked off. I just sauntered off. I didn't give a fuck about her threats.

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