The Old Man and the World

The blue of the sky, the green of the sea,

I hear the waves calling to me.

The birds dive, looking for prey,

I wish I were as free, I wish as I may.

The mountains stand tall; the mountains stand strong,

The mountains don't fall; the mountains stand long.

They have seen a many of things,

Though they don't move, though they don't have wings.

I have seen a lot of things,

I have learned a lot of things,

I have been in this world for a long time,

Enjoyed the life, without committing a crime.

The world is beautiful, the world is grand.

The beaches are peaceful, made up of sand.

The oceans are vast, the pastures green.

I love this world, we are a team.

But one day I will pass away,

My old bent body has started to fray,

I no longer can help this world stay green,

I no longer can keep it clean.

The world has something beautiful, keep it so,

Cherish it, help it, don't let it go.