You're the ones that are suppose to support me

You're the ones that are suppose to let me be me

But your cynics

And your angry

And you take it out on me

To make yourselves happy

You tell me exactly how I'm going to look

And I'm not allowed a word in

You tell be that I'm going to go by your books

And That the way I look is crucified a sin

It's not like you're a god

More like a saint-hood fraud

You take away the only individuality I fear I have left

And you rob it from me like a righteous theft

You want me to be- something I'm not

Something I cannot


Please let me be me

So when I put my foot down and let you know I'm pissed

That I have to go by your wish-

You only send me to my room on account of me telling you

-mind you I'm so tired I'm passive-

That I was going to end up in my room all night anyways

You treat me as you'de treat a four-year-old

No power to hold over my body, my figure, my own

-And fuck you, by the way-

You don't know what I go through every day

You were never as weird looking as me

You might not have been happy-

But sometimes people make fun of me

And instead of being angry-

I hold my tongue and step back like I do to you

It's a shame that I cannot be-

I cannot breathe

On a foundation that should only be supported by

My loving family

And yet you just despise me

For it all-

I cannot understand why

Some parents would want this for there kids

To be happy and skid

Past with grins

And chocolate fins

I tihnk I've figured it out-

Your so angry you never had this security

Security over a look?

Yea, stupid, buy the book.

And I do

So now you vent on me

Poor, quiet, passive me.

I wish you wouldn't kill me

Stop killing me

Before I kill myself

And make myself-

Exactly what you despise, but you swear you love.

A simple woman from no highs above.