I don't wish to confuse you here in my debut story on , but I'm afraid that will be a difficult task to accomplish along with interesting you enough to want to read further. In this first chapter, I am merely going to layout the facts about the world in which my characters live. There are tons of different things to talk about, but I'm going to try and keep it short and to the point and only relative to the story in which you are about to read.

What I tell you might sound silly, and it probably is, as my writing does absolutely no justice to the images in my head that go along with it. So, if you'd be ever so kind to think that, yes, this story does kick ass, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. ^_^

Now, let's begin. I'll start with explaining that in this world that I have created, there are intelligent, rational beings that live there other than regular humans. Sure, there are regular humans as well, but they also live with Half Breeds. Half Breeds are humans that have the ability to change into the form of an animal. My story revolves around the lives of the Half Dogs.

Now, does everyone understand what a Half Dog is? It is a human who can walk, talk, and live like any of us, but is blessed with the ability to also change his or her appearance into a dog. As humans, Half Dogs can use their senses as any dog can too, like smell and sound and such.

Unfortunately, Half Dogs do not live in unity. There is a war that began generations ago that is still being fought today between dogs that call themselves Witters and those that call themselves Sloans. Witters and Sloans are divided not only by territory and beliefs, but by color as well. As humans, there are no distinct differences, but as dogs, Witters are ONLY black and white. Sloans are the multiple different colors: browns, reds, yellows, grays... etc.

Witters are the bad guys. They live in the country called Witter, and tend to worship a god named Zeenon, who is the God of Death. Zeenon is their motivation for hating Sloans and continuing the war. He's bad, very bad. Zeenon's counterpart, Mishka, the Goddess of Life, is supposed to be worshiped WITH Zeenon, but Witters are forgetting about her. She is sad.

Sloans are the good guys. They live in the country called Kikan (yes, a different name). And because they are the good guys, they kick ass ^_^. The royal family of Kikan consists of King Nassar, Queen Alina, Prince Percival, and Prince Ryan. At the time of this story, Prince Percival is twenty four years old, and Prince Ryan is twenty. They are all Sloans, yet the kingdom of Kikan welcomes regular humans to live with them and also Half Birds too. There aren't many Half Birds, but they are still there. Half Birds actually hate Witters ...because Witters hate Half Birds, but that part is irrelevant in this story.

Now, onto the kingdom of Zengrash, another evil place. Zengrash is a country full of regular humans, and they HATE Half Dogs. Not only do they hate Half Dogs, but they are not afraid to chase one down, beat it up, and kill it too. And certainly, in a country who's majority is human, it's not hard to out number a stray dog. The royal family of Zengrash is really weird. They are under the impression that King Nassar of Kikan and his family are regular humans who merely rule a country with Sloans in it. They DON'T know that the royal family are Sloans as well.

That is also another irrelevant plot line that doesn't have too much to do with the story I am about to tell you. It is just a fact. What you do need to understand is that at this time, Zengrash still doesn't know about Kikan's royal secret, and the two families have a tendency to visit each other frequently to secure their friendship and good political relationship.

So, does everyone get it?

Vocabulary to remember...

Witter: a country, and also a Half Dog that, when in dog form, is either black OR white.

Sloan: a Half Dog that, when in dog form, has a color.

Kikan: a country where Sloans live, also humans and Half Birds too.

Zengrash: a country of humans that hate and kill Half Dogs.

Okay, now it is safe to finally introduce the star of my story: Joshua. In plainest, simplest terms, Joshua is a nineteen year old Witter who lives in Zengrash. Remember how I told you Zengrash hates Half Dogs? Yes, I know you know that. Joshua knows it too. And he must live his life with the secret that he is half dog. He hides this fact from everyone, and thus leads a very human lifestyle. You understand what that means, don't you? Half Dogs are used to uniting each half inside them into one being, half vicious beast, half tender lover. But alas! Joshua has all but forgotten the beast that lies deep within him. What kind will he be? Bad or Good?

And with that, our adventure begins. The adventures of Joshua. Enjoy!