A/N: Hey guys! This is the new, improved version of Jewel. Sorry to say to those of you who liked the other one, but this is completely different. The only similarities to the old version and this new one is that both have the names Jewel and Keith as main characters and both have to do with Christianity. Other than that, they're different. I'm really sorry if you liked the other version, but I didn't. It didn't seem real. It was too fake and superficial. I'm hoping this one will get to the heart of things better. Now that you know my aim, I'm hoping that you will help me reach that. Please, TELL ME if you don't think it's realistic! Flames are accepted, but please, if you feel you have to insult my work, at least respect me and don't swear. Hopefully you'll enjoy this first chapter, and don't forget to review and tell me what you think.

Oh yes. I just want to say this off the bat: If this offends you in any way, too bad. I will try my best not to present my characters as stereotypical, as I did in the last attempt. So if that's the case, tell me. But if you become offended because I talk about God, well, I've already warned you. I know what I believe, and I have no problem telling other people. So if you plan to insult me just because I say Christianity is the right and only way, I'm warning you now. I'm sorry if I come across harsh, but reviews on the old version of Jewel *did* show me that people will be offended no matter what. Part of Christianity is offending – in love. Anyway, now that I have that off my chest, go read the first chapter!

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