~Ch. 5~

It was 11:30 before Sadie woke up on Saturday morning. Saturdays and Sundays were her only days to sleep in, and since she had asked Keith to take her to church, she only had Saturday this week.

On a normal Saturday, Sadie would've dozed in bed for half an hour before getting up, but she was going to help Shane today. She figured it might be better to get up sort-of on time. Stretching, Sadie rolled out of bed and walked into the shower.

She was towel drying her hair when she noticed a new message on her cell phone. A glance at the number told her it was Shane. His message was short and to the point: Come over anytime.

Shrugging, Sadie leisurely finished drying her hair, spiking it up with some gel when she was done. After applying some make-up and snagging a bite to eat, Sadie slipped out the front door and crossed over to Shane's yard. She rang the doorbell and waited. The door was opened by a girl dressed in black with black hair that was streaked with red. She had multiple piercings and was quite pale, though Sadie couldn't tell if it was natural or from make-up. "What do you want?" the girl asked.

Remembering what Shane had said the previous night, Sadie commented, "You must be Danielle." The girl glared, but nodded. "I'm here to see Shane."

"Shane! Your girlfriend's here!" Danielle hollered.

Shane came out from behind a pile of boxes. "Oh. You're here."

"Boy do I feel loved," Sadie muttered.

"Sorry," he replied as Danielle disappeared up the stairs. Sadie took in his appearance. His clothes were speckled with black paint, and his hair looked messy and unshowered.

"Did I come at a bad time?" Sadie asked, purposely scanning his appearance in an obvious manner.

"Are you checking me out?" he asked, a glint of amusement visible in his blue eyes.

"Of course."

"You like what you see?"

"You need a shower," she replied, wrinkling her nose as she stepped closer.

"I'm not showering until I finish painting my room. Care to help?"

Sadie took a whiff of the air nearby Shane. "Where are the paintbrushes?"

Shane laughed and swept Sadie off her feet, depositing her on his back. "Yuck!" Sadie cried. "You're all wet!" She tried to peel herself off Shane's back, but had to reverse tactics and wrap her arms around his neck when Shane took off running through the piles of boxes and down the stairs to a room partially painted black. A bed with black and white bedding was in the center of a wooden floor. "Put me down, you moron!" Sadie said, smacking him on the side of the head. Shane dumped her unceremoniously on the bed, where she landed in an ungraceful heap. Sadie glared at him.

Shane nonchalantly picked up a paint roller and stared innocently at her. "Are you going to help, or what?"

Sadie rolled her eyes and didn't justify his comment with a response. She picked up a smaller brush and began to paint around the edges.

Sadie was for the most part unscathed when they finished painting. Shane had tried (and failed) to flick paint onto her numerous times while they painted. With a final stroke of her brush, Sadie finished and set the brush down. "Shane, go take a shower – now!" she commanded.

"Don't you want a hug first?" he asked, spreading his paint covered, sweaty arms wide.

"Not a chance. Go."

"Fine," he grumbled, finding clean clothes and leaving. Sadie sighed and flopped down on his black and white bed when he left. She lay there no more than thirty seconds when footsteps in the doorway made her sit up.

"Hey Danielle," Sadie greeted Shane's sister.

"Hey," Danielle mumbled before stepping out to leave the room.

"You don't have to leave," Sadie called after her. "Come talk to me while your stinky brother's in the shower."

Danielle appeared back in the doorway. Sadie moved over on her perch on Shane's bed to make room for Danielle to sit down. "So, how do you like it here?" Sadie asked once Danielle was comfortable.

"I don't," was all she said in reply, glaring at Sadie from icy blue eyes.

"Why not?" Sadie asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Why the heck to you care, anyway? I didn't come in here to be interrogated."

"Fine. Ask me something, then."

Danielle smirked. "Do you like my brother?"

Sadie thought for a moment. "No, I don't think so. He is pretty hot, though."

Danielle looked disgusted. "Gross. Shane is revolting."

"It would be weird if you though otherwise, considering he is your brother!" Sadie replied, laughing. "Who do you think is hot, then?"

Danielle thought a moment, her eyes beginning to sparkle a little. Apparently this was a subject she liked to talk about. "I like Matt from the band Emery*," she told Sadie.

Sadie rolled her eyes and said, "Not counting famous people."

"I haven't met anyone here."

"Well, what about where you moved from?"

Danielle's eyes darkened immediately. "I don't want to talk about it."

Sadie backed off. "Okay, that's fine. But if you ever do, I'll listen." Danielle rolled her eyes and was silent. "So… which room is yours?"

"Upstairs," Danielle grunted.

"Can I see it? I love seeing what people do with their rooms."

"Sure," Danielle replied, sliding off Shane's bed. Sadie followed soon after. Danielle's chosen room was on the top floor of the house. It wasn't painted yet, but Danielle told her that her room was going to be done in black, gray, and red.

"I love it," Sadie commented. Danielle's large window had a great view of the backyard, which had been beautifully landscaped by the previous owners. The room itself was spacious and open, and the ceiling was slanted to one side since her room was practically the attic. "I think you got the best room of the whole house."

Danielle smiled slightly at the compliment. Then they both heard Shane's voice drifting up to them from downstairs. "Sadie! Hey, Sadie, are you still here?"

Sadie smirked and turned to Danielle. "I had fun talking to you. Hope to see you around later."

"Yeah, whatever," Danielle replied. Sadie left the room and retraced her steps back to Shane's room.

"I'm still here," she told Shane.

He turned. "Oh. Alright. Cool." He smirked. "You get to help me carry boxes into my room now!"

"Oh, what a joy," Sadie replied. "You get to carry all the heavy ones." Shane laughed and headed upstairs to where the boxes were.

For the rest of the afternoon, Sadie helped Shane unpack and get everything settled in his room. Eventually she had to excuse herself so she could get home. Words were floating around in her head that would make a perfect song, and she wanted to write them down before they disappeared.

"See you Monday," she said.

"Do you want to ride with me to school? Then you could show me around a little when we get there," Shane asked.

"Sure, that would be great. See you then."

*Emery is a real band, so obviously, I didn't make them up. They're quite good, though, so check them out!

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