Where did I get this? It's so uplifting and crap… I like it. It's about want happens when dawn comes in the tropics, where I come from.

Ocean Tide

Her endless depths, an icy blue

The sky above, an inky hue

Above the waves from where I float

My heart serene, my dream come true

I look down at the great expanse

The waves, they sweep from left to right

In unformed and graceful dance

Brought about by ocean tide

On the horizon, a shot of light

Signaling the start of day

As the golden rays skim the sea

Reflecting off in myriad ways

The fish below, they soon awake

The sea then starts to teem with life

As schools of fish and flocks of birds

Swarm around me, bathed in light

With the sun on horizon high

The clouds dancing with the breeze

I soar up to kiss the sky

As I sweep away, flying over sea

I feel the breeze, the light, the air

The waters blue with glints light

The brilliant clouds, the turquoise sea

Swept about by wind and tide

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