There was a girl I didn't know
She was a year younger than me
I don't know her name yet, but there's a chance
I passed her by in orchestra
Or in the hall.
Maybe I remember her face from an assembly
I may have seen her in International Club
When I learn her name and see her face
In a yearbook
I might remember
Her friends must be in shock and I'm thinking
I hope this isn't selfish of me
If my friend died, one day without warning
I know I'd be lost and couldn't get that part of me back
She was in critical condition
After the accident and her mind
Must have been racing
I can't understand the fears she'd have
But my heart goes out to her friends that much I know
I get tears when I think of them
Not ever to see her face again
And I won't ever see the face, in the halls of the high school
She'll never go to
If I ever saw it once, I know it will haunt my dreams
The face of the girl I didn't know

In memory of a girl from my town. She got into a dirtbike accident, and was killed. Eighth grade had just begun for her, it was the weekend after the first week. She was a year younger than me and I didn't know her, but I may have seen her face a couple times. I won't again. This event made me realize how terrible something like this is, and how it can really happen to anyone. I can't stress how this made me feel. I'm so, so afraid.