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The old pickup truck came to a stop. Dagan jumped out and dropped the tail gate and helped Jenny and Jamie out of the bed. Ella jumped out with out any help, and Dagan knew better than offer any. Elwyn climbed out next and grabbed his bags; Jim and Sean took some as well and helped him load up his trunk. Monique had been left at the cabin with Tom. Dagan didn't trust either one of them and had called four of his people to guard them, or protect them as he had said.

Elwyn wordlessly put away his weapons and luggage, as usual he was expressionless; though he seemed even more distant than normal. Jenny watched him and chewed on her lower lip. Her sister gave her a small hug and stepped aside. When her sister didn't move Jamie shoved her bodily forward. Jenny glared at her and walked over to Elwyn.

"Thank you for all you've done." She said softly, putting her hands behind her back to hide the fact she was wringing them nervously

"At least someone here knows how to thank people." He remarked, looking pointedly to Sean and Dagan.

"I thought my pack and I expressed plenty of gratitude." Dagan protested with a small smirk.

"Thanking you wouldn't be enough." Sean interjected. "You've given me my freedom. No words can make us even."

"The blood-sucker has a way with words." Ella smirked.

Elwyn smirked as well then looked down at Jenny. "Stop fidgeting."

"Sorry." She stopped, and placed her hands at her sides.

"Looks, if you ever need any help, call me." He held out a card with his name and a phone number on it.

"Does that offer extend to Sean?" She smiled sweetly.

"By association... yes." He sighed.

"And Jim?"

"Of course, and before you ask yes your sister as well." He glared at her, but not very forcefully.

"What about Dagan and his pack?"

"The dogs can handle themselves." He snorted, making a dismissive gesture.

Ella growled at him playfully and he flipped her off.

"Is that a threat or an offer elf?" Ella said baring her teeth.

"Sorry I'm only interested in pretty women, not bitches." He grinned.

"Enough!" Jenny snapped. "I don't want any fighting tonight."

She glared at the two of them until they looked away reluctantly.

"I should get going. I've got a long drive ahead of me." Elwyn said opening his car door.

Jenny hesitated then jumped forward and warped her slender arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest.

"I'll miss you." She whispered.

Elwyn gently patted her on the back then kissed the top of her head.

"Goodbyes don't have to be forever." He whispered back.

"You'll visit?" She asked, turning her face up to him and staring dolefully.

"Sure, it's not like I'm short on time." He grinned warmly.

"Now let go of me so I can get going." Elwyn said taking her arms and pushing her away.

Jenny reluctantly backed away and joined her group of friends. They stood in a close row, shoulders touching. Elwyn started his car and waved at them. Jenny waved back eagerly, as did the others but with less zeal. He pulled onto the highway and soon disappeared down the dark road.

The End.