/ Jumper /

Well, well, well - I'm finally standing here
Twenty storeys up high, ain't it
The drop looks endless from here
Don't it, Mister Policeman?

Look at those human beans
Squeezing closer, looking forward
To my splattered bloody mess
Gracing the concrete below.

Funny creatures, aren't they, Mister Policeman, Sir?
Working aimlesslytill they die -
They just love their grey life!(hahahahaha)

Pathetic, they are. You agree, don't ya?
See the wrinkles in their brows,
The weariness in their eyes
It sure would be nice to make them feel better.

Oops - almost fell right over just then
Oh, don't fret, Sir,
I haven't jumped yet, have I?
I 'm gonna be a Good Samaritan first.

See this, Sir? Yup, made it all by myself.
Whoopsy daisy, see how it falls?
See the anticipation on their faces -
They sure are looking forward to Heaven!

Wowee, see how they run as it explodes?
And those stunned looks so abruptly cut off - nevermind,
They're gonna thank me later
For helping them end their miserable existence.

Ooh ... I'm feeling happy now.
I've done a good deed, Yessir.
See, my hands are out -
You can arrest me now.

A/N: I've received reviews saying my spelling sucks. It was deliberate. It's supposed to be from the POV of some street kid, or someone with a slang. It won't be as effective if I put it in perfect Queen's English! This is poetry, you know, not prose. Everything, down to the slips in grammar, is supposed to convey something.