Fade In

A door with Doctor Karate Chop Attorney At Law is in front of the camera. The door opens to a waiting room with a secretary. A man walks in and stands next to the secretary's desk.

Man: Uh, excuse me, I'm looking for,

Man looks at business card.

Man: Doctor Karate Chop? I have an 11:30 appointment.

Secretary: Oh yes, step right in, he's expecting you.

Man: Thank you.

Man opens door, steps in, closes door.

Doctor Karate Chop: Hello, take a seat.

Man sits down.

Doctor Karate Chop: What can I do for you?

Man: Well, I was at work a couple of days ago.

Doctor Karate Chop: What kind of work do you do?

Man: I'm an accountant at Landy's Incorporated.

Doctor Karate Chop: Yes, I've heard of them.

Man: I had just stepped outside of my cubicle for a second, and the janitor had just finished washing the floor, but he put no sign there. This has happened multiple times, and I've requested to the company that they talk to him, but they never do. This time though, I slipped and fell, I'm not sure what happened but for the past four days, my lower left torso has been aching.

Doctor Karate Chop: How many requests did you make?

Man: Wait, why do you need to know this?

Doctor Karate Chop: Legal reasons.

Man: Well, I believe it was five times.

Doctor Karate Chop: Excellent, this should be an open and shut case.

Man: Really?

Doctor Karate Chop: Yes, how many numbers are you looking for.

Man holds on to lower back left side.

Man: I don't know, I hope not many, I want to get back to work soon.

Doctor Karate Chop: I see, but company employee relationships tend to suffer after this. Have you had a doctor examine the pain?

Man: What? No.

Doctor Karate Chop: Alright I'll schedule you in with one, what days do you have free?

Man: Couldn't I just have the appointment here?

Doctor Karate Chop: You mean call a person in?

Man: What? Aren't you going to check my injury?

Doctor Karate Chop: Why would I do that?

Man: You're the doctor!

Doctor Karate Chop: Doctor is my name, not my profession!

Man: You're not a doctor?

Doctor Karate Chop: No.

Man: What are you then?

Doctor Karate Chop: An attorney.

Man: Has this happened before.

Doctor Karate Chop: No, never.

Man: Well, sorry for bothering you Mr. Karate Chop.

Doctor Karate Chop: Please, call me doctor.