so you get out of elementary school
and suddenly...everything's different.
you feel cool..for a little while.
but then eventually, everything fades into
everything else and you're just one more
person with responsibilities. just one more
person to blend in with all the rest.
like so many blues and reds that were
mixed together, against their wills,
to make so many purples. purples that are
all only very slightly different. purples that
are all reflections of each other, so that
if you lined up all the purples, you wouldn't
even see the transition from the lightest
to the darkest.
and you feel empty. inside you feel like
you can't be who you are, no matter how badly
you want to be, because you don't
even KNOW who you are. "you" are a mixture
of everybody else. "your" taste is not
REALLY your taste. your style is not YOUR style. this world of reds who will meet blues
and blues who will meet reds and all ultimately
become purples...what is reality?

..and what is not..