"I'm so excited!" BridgeIt said, putting her suitcase into the car.

I nodded my agreement as I climbed into the driver's seat.

We were on our way to college. On to bigger and better things, and with Blue and William out of the picture, on to bigger and better boys. Of course they would all be brilliant. Yale was not as easy school to get into. Not unless your father is Thomas Roth, on of the richest men in the country at the time.

Anyway, we were thrilled about our new lives at college. Finally, we were getting out of the Midwest and heading to the east coast.

We registered and went to our dorm. I opened the door and found another girl standing in the doorway.

"Hi," said the girl.

"Hi," BridgeIt and I said.

"So, I guess we're roomies," said the girl in a sullen voice.

"Great," I said.

She turned and began to make one of the beds. She was a homely full-figured girl. Something about her seemed vaguely familiar. Horrifyingly familiar.

"My name's Millicent," she said, turning toward me.

A sigh of relief flowed through my entire body. I unpacked, then BridgeIt and I headed for the Student Union.

"Was there something eerie about that girl?" BridgeIt asked me.

"It can't be her. Can it?" I said.

"No, of course not," BridgeIt said in an uneasy tone.

"I just can't shake this strange feeling I have about it," I said.

"I don't think it's her," BridgeIt said, sounding a bit more sure of herself this time.


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