Edgeing along softly beneath the window sill, she smiles mischeiviously and looks up at the full moon. Lifting her head slightly, she peeks into the silence of the dark room. The wind softly blows her black hair into her eyes. Pushing it out of her face and tucking the strands behind her ears, she slowly stands out of her kneeling position. Staring into the blackness she can see the faint outline of a body laying asleep in bed. The open window lets the breeze send the lacy white curtains billowing towards the end of the bed. Sticking her head in the window, she glances down slightly at the table below her. Reaching down, she carefully moves it out of the way. Then lifting her leg and slipping it into the house, carefully feeling around in the dark to find the floor, she steps inside. Pulling the other leg in, while ducking low, she fits through the window, smiling at her own grace. Looking around at her surroundings, she notices there is only one person lying in the bed. Pushing her hair out of her face again, she walks silently over to the door. Slipping out into the hallway and looking down into the kitchen at the end of the hallway she sees sudden movement. Ducking down behind a cabinet in the hall, she peeks around the edge, watching the shape in the kitchen. Taking a deep breath, she looks again only to see the shape, it's a man, walking slowly down the hall towards her. She didn't panic, but instead grinned and licked her lips, while reaching down to unsheath the blade she had at her ankle. Gripping the handle tightly, she prepares for the attack which would come soon. Waiting impatiently, she listens to the repeated, heavy foot steps of a man in his mid thirtys. She gently licks the blade and sinks silently into a crouching position. Peeking around the edge once again she watches the man slowly turning his back to her and stepping silently into the room with the unsteady stagger of a half asleep man. Rising quickly to her feet, she jumps in the mans direction, wrapping her arm around his left side and grasping face, covering his mouth. Letting him get out a muffled 'Hey!' between her fingers, she lifts her right hand to his neck and slits his throat. After watching him choke and fall to the floor with a thud, she quickly dodges out of site into the shadows inside the open closet. The thud had awoken a middle-aged woman, who upon seeing her husband lying apon the floor, jumped out of bed and ran to his side. Smiling devilishly at the moaning sobs of the lady calling to her husband, she steps silently out of the closet and stands behind the womans turned back. After hearing 'James? James! Oh, James!' the silent killer lifts the knife letting its bloody blade glint in the moonlight. Kneeling down behind the woman, she wraps her arm around her, covering her mouth and pressing the wet blade against the front of the womans neck. Leaning her mouth close to the horrified womans ear, she whispers 'You can now join James'. Feeling the blade pressing against her throat, the woman lets out a small sob before she starts choking. 'Good luck with James, Ma'am' Standing up and licking the blood off her knife, she slipps silently back out the window. Looking back smiling broadly at her work, she laughs faintly. Turning to face the wind she closes her eyes and swallows, breathing heavily and feeling her heart pounding in her chest. Every vein in her body was tingling with electricity. She thought she had done very well for the first kill of the night. The rush would last her the rest of the night. Wiping her blade on the grass before glancing back one more time at the empty house, she turns and bounds off towards the house down the street. There were no lights on, the perfect place for the next kill.