~Author's Notes: You remember me talking about looking through my book of poems?
Well I did. And I have realized that I have no poetic talent whatsoever. Out of ten or so
poems, I only liked one, so I revised it a bit and here it is now!

Happy Reading!


The hoofs of the unicorn armada thundered on the ground,
As they tried to outrun the oncoming storm
It started to rain
Lightening flashed, racing across the sky

The thunder crashed,
Loud enough to scare the bravest of beasts
But the armada of unicorns kept galloping,
The storm drowning out their hoof beats

Faster and faster they went
Until they were but a blur
Finally, they reached the Dark Forest,
Where they would go back to their own world

When they reached the other side of the forest,
Where lay the entrance to their world,
They were greeted by their friends and family,
Who led them through the portal

Their legs buckled and they were forced to lie down
They were wet, dirty, and exhausted,
But they were happy because
They had beaten the evil that threatened their world
And made it home safely,
Knowing that in the morning, everything would be well…

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