Ahhh, thought I'd put this up cos she's now amazing in my eyes! Haha! And she knows who she is n what this is about! *grins*


You were there when I needed someone

And you're there when I have no-one

And we weren't close at first

But when I was feeling my most worst

I remember you saying, "are you there, Kate?"

When it was much more than late

And when I was alone you were there

And ever since then, you've been everywhere

And I know when I've found a true friend

One where the sparkle and fun will never end

Cos we have been through so much

And I would die if we ever lost touch

Cos I have not known you very long

But our friendship is so strong

And this last fortnight's been so tough

And I know I haven't tried nearly hard enough

But it's times like this that I can see

Just how much you mean to me

And that if I lost my bestest friend

If the situation was too far gone to amend

Then life just wouldn't be the same

And I'd only have myself to blame

And I know I'm not perfect, or sometimes true

But there's one thing- I will always be there for you

Even if you don't want me around

I can listen, I won't make a sound

You've made me laugh, you've made me cry

If there's one thing I don't want you to do, it's lie

I want you to be honest and true

And I'll promise I'll make it up to you

Cos to me you have been so wonderfully great

Fun, creative, loyal, kind, there's too much to state

When I didn't deserve, you never let me down

And turned around my permanent frown

Without a complaint, everyday

You'd listen to all the rubbish I had to say

A stupid filling and a painful blister

I could never lose my cherished soul sister

It's up to you: do you want me near or far?

I'll do whatever it takes…

Cos you're my special, my one and only Star