I have always been a commoner, a peasant, a worthless nobody. I have been through hell and back. I'm still living, yet every day I wish I would have the courage to ask the person living with me to just kill me, in exchange for the little money that I have. This is the age where women are nothing but sex toys, used for pleasure the tossed away, like a piece or worthless crap. Our ruler, what can be said about him? He only care about people in his court and anyone of high title. As disgusting as it sounds, this is the world that I grew up in, and everything I have seen is now normal to me, as bad as it sounds.

All my life I have lived in a little no name village, of a small population. Never was given a name by my mother, except for Shadow, because no matter how hard she tried to give me away or leave me alone in the night, I would always find my way to her. I still go by that name now, since I do not know any other.


Simplistic as it sounds, I like that name. It signifies what I truly am. Nothing but a Shadow. Let me start at that beginning give you an idea of how I come to be the way I am, and how a worthless lowlife like me survived out in the world that is Lian.

* * * * * * *

As I said before I grew up in a nameless little village. Not a lot people lived there because of the sudden breakouts of sicknesses and plagues that would always attack the town. The people who lived were young but weak, they were the ones that survived. But not for long. Each of them had a strong will, each of them were not ready to leave this world, they were always waiting for the day where they could live happily and healthy.

That day never came.

So as the years passed, children were born and children died, those people slowly lost their will to live. They saw hopelessness, deaths, and horrors. So a little town that at one point in time was a happy prosperous village, died.

Except for me and my mother.

I always believed we were cursed. Maybe it's because my mother never told me we were supposed to pray to the Gods above. But of that little town, we were the only survivors. We never had anything to eat, except for dirt and whatever rats came to eat the bodies that lay lifelessly on the ground. We always had to fend for ourselves. I wasn't shown any love either by her, she would always tell me that the only thing ever worthy of love is death. So I would wait every night for death to come take me away, but instead I ended up losing my mother.

I was six years old. I knew pretty much the way the world works and how to survive on my own, if Avilena, that my mother's name ever left me or died. She was a woman of the night. Seducing men, and giving them one night of pleasure for a few gold coins. That was her profession. I don't know if she liked doing what she did, or ever felt ashamed of degrading herself to such a low level. She taught me to follow in her footsteps.

"This is the way you must live Shadow," She said to a six year old version of me. I nodded mutely.

"I shall be out when I'm done but in the mean time, you know the little job that you always do while Avilena is away right?,"

"Yes Avilena," I whispered, I would never talk higher than a whisper in those days. Someone could be listening to our conversation.

"Good, now off with you," Avilena said then turned to the man beside her, who was tapping his foot impatiently. Avilena smiled sweetly and entered the room.

About two to three hours later, I came back with the largest sum of money I could get. You see being a Shadow has its advantages. Avilena was in charge of getting money from men, while I was in charge of stealing money from the wealthy. A good combination. It was enough to eat good food and an inn every three day months or so, but that's all. Avilena was very pretty. She had a slim figure, long black hair, that shined even though it was dirty and the greenest eyes you'd ever see. I was given her eyes and hair as my only keepsake of her.

I stood there waiting for Avilena I heard a scream. Instinctively I ran into the room and to my horror, I saw what no normal six year old child should see. Five me were beating Avilena while one was doing his way with her. I watched in horror at all the things she had been forced to do. I screamed and ran towards my mother, who looked at me in horror. Now every thief and peasant no matter what age group they are always had a weapon, whether it be a dagger or a poisoned arrow. I had a dagger and was exceptionally good for my age at throwing it. I charged at one of the men and stabbed him in the thigh. He screamed in agony while kept charging forward. Sadly I didn't make it very far. Two other men grabbed me and slammed against a wall. Then the world went black.

* * * * * *

I don't remember for how long I was unconscious but when I woke up I remember having a headache and not being able to move my arms and legs. My vision was a bit blurred as well.

"Well, well, look who has come to.." A voice said angrily. I winced in pain, his voice was too loud for my ears.

"Finally, I can have my revenge for jabbing that piece of shit you call a dagger in my thigh," The other man sneered and approached me. I started trembling when I felt him strip me of my rags and have his way with me. Amongst all the pain I felt the only thing going through my mind at that point was..

Gods above, what have I done to deserve this?

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