Wild Horse

Running away

In fear…


One of your breed is after you, but it has a strange object on it.

It is after you.

It is separated you from your pack.

Something around your neck.

You keep running, it gets tighter.

Finally…you think the thing gave up, the other horse stopped running.

All the sudden something pulls you off your feet. You scramble to get up.

There is the other living thing…it tied up your legs.

You try to get up, but you only succeed in scratching yourself up on the desert floor.

Rage. It courses though your being.

At the man.

At the other horse.

Why did they have to get you?

You snake your head up to bite the man, there is stinging pain in your nose.

More rage. The urge to kill the thing standing by you.

You fight.

The entire way to the ranch.

There are more horses.

You don't know where you are.

You're overwhelmed with rage and confusion…

All you know is that you will never give up…never.