A/N: I'm trying something really new here... this is from a guy's point of view, and it's about his feelings for a girl who doesn't really feel the same way about him.

The words are there, but don't come out
Sometimes I wonder if the words are too quiet for her to hear
I look at her and think there's no way I'm good enough
I wonder why she agreed to be mine
I never said the things I wanted to
I didn't say anything.
Our first date I was too scared
Scared of my girlfriend, she is so much more than me
She's braver, and she's so hot
I wish that didn't sound as shallow as it does.
I heard she liked me enough, enough
To write poetry about it
I barely believed it
That's what people in love do
I don't think I was in love, I'm not sure of anything really
It's such a big world.
Things changed though
I guess she got angry
I guess she did even want to break up with me face to face
Since she sent a friend
Maybe she doesn't want to see my face
I hear she's done with us, the whole gender
I feel guilty because I never said anything at all
And now I can't help thinking
It's my fault.
If you think I'm skipping over parts of the story, you're right
Who says I have to tell about that?
How is it your business anyway?
And it's my fault.