A/N: I wrote this for english class. We were told that we needed to write something and then mark all the parts of speach. Well I did, but when I reread it, I really liked it, so here it is! Enjoy!

Walking throught the halls of my school
Wondering why I havn't even heard a whisper
A whisper of my name
Is it me?
Or is it them
Will I ever know why I'm an outcast
I suppose I an destined to be alone

Sometimes I wonder why it was me
Why do I have to go through life unnoticed
Couldn't it be someone who has had their fame and glory?
Songs I hear speak of a language I know
But people noticed them
Beings just like me were seen
So perhaps I still have something they can see
I just need to find it

But if I do find it
My destiny will change
And I will no longer me the same
I have always wanted to the the same
Yet even if my whole life I have been no one to every one
I wouldn't want it to change
I like what I have that makes my different...