Its what drives us

That's exactly what they thought

When they crashed those planes

Into those buildings

As the world watched

It was complete chaos

Is it the apocalypse?

No one knew

But for once

Everyone cared

It wasn't that only people paying taxes cared

It wasn't only people in the White House cared

This happened to touch everyone

No matter how big or how small

From businesses stopping

To schools stopping

The world came to a halt

People watched in baited breath

As the second plane came in

Rushing to the phones

"Is this real?"

"Do you see what is happening?"

Tears came spilling

This can't be happening

People dying

Crashing steel

Tumbling to the ground in a crash

That silenced the world

Into prayers, blessings, donations and hope

It was all unexpected

No one was ready for this horror

And that's what it was

The horror that rocked the world

Showed the world that it's not all papers and handshakes

Not all peace treaties or boundaries

We found out that some people just don't care

Care about those offices

Don't care about those people.

All of the lives that were stopped

In a pile of smoldering rubble

Five stories high

And even through the atrocity of it all

There is a glimmer of hope

A speck of enlightenment

This appalling event

Has taught us to care about life

Because of those who didn't.