Write About The Stars

By Noyze

Chapter One

Mommy says I act like a bad girl. Mommy says that I should listen. But Mommy's always wrong, she thinks bad things are good. I don't know why I call her Mommy, she's not Mommy. Mommy ran away. Mrs. Carson says that she just ran away. I ask why, and she says she was upset. Maybe my Mommy is a bad Mommy. I don't know.

Ms. McAllen, my new Mommy, was very nice. She bought me toys, and watched movies with me. But then I got bad, she says, so she stopped playing with me.

Daddy is always gone. He's very nice, and when he's home he plays with me. But sometimes, when he comes home late late, he hits Mommy, and Mommy cries. When I ask why Daddy hits her, she tells me to stop being a bad girl and asking questions. So now I don't ask. When Mrs. Carson asks if I'm happy, I tell her yes because I don't want her to think I'm bad. If she knew I was bad she might take me away again.


The little girl bit the top of he pen thoughtfully. At six years old she was already a fairly skilled reader. Although her teachers were fond of blaming that for her poor math skills, they couldn't help admiring the way the little girl put so much concentration into shaping each letter just right.

"Lucinda! That is not your math!" Her foster mother, Charlotte McAllen, scolded, pushing the little girls journal aside.

"Mommy I don't want to do math. Mrs. Anderson gets mad when I get it wrong."

Charlotte glared. "And she gets very mad when you don't do it. I'm going over to Linda's house, and when I get back you better have all of your homework done, or else. I'm serious Lucinda." Her eyes narrowed.

Lu quivered slightly. "But I can't. It's too hard."

Charlotte took a deep breath. "I don't understand you! Your writing is better then most fourth graders, yet you can't even multiply the simplest problems! Maybe if you would stop being such a bad girl and DO YOUR HOMEWORK we wouldn't be having this problem! You are so inconsiderate! Your father and I give up so much for you, and this is how you treat us!" She whirled around and charged out of the room, smacking the lavender wall on her way out.

"Mommy got mad again," Lu muttered. "I'm a bad girl." She crawled over to her backpack and pulled out her math sheet.

2 x 3 = 8

2 x 4 = 9

She paused, gazing thoughtfully at her answers. She wasn't sure if they were right or not. She didn't understand numbers. The way they came together to make something new…Kind if like writing. But writing was fun, and easy. She pushed her math work aside and picked her notebook up from where her mother had thrown it. She quickly opened a new page.

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Lucinda Hatfield. She had a Mommy and a Daddy and they were all very happy. They never ever yelled at each other, and Lucinda was a very good girl.

Downstairs, a door slammed. "Lucinda, that math better be done!"

Lu gasped and pushed her journal under the bed. She quickly grabbed her math homework and scribbled a number down after each problem.

"Lucinda? Are you in there?" Charlotte opened the door and ran a hand through her wavy red hair.

Lu held her math paper out.

Charlotte gazed at it for a moment before throwing it on the floor. "Every single one is wrong! You didn't even try you lazy little bitch!"

Lu looked up at her mother nervously. She didn't know what "bitch" meant but she thought it was bad. "It's hard," she whimpered.

"You didn't even try!" She roughly grabbed the little girls arm. "You didn't even bother! Do you know what everyone will say if you flunk? They'll say Charlotte McAllen's daughter is an idiot! I have a reputation you know!" She pulled the little girl closer. "You don't even deserve that bed!"

"I'm sorry!" Lu cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Sorry?! SORRY?!" Charlotte took a deep breath and stormed out of the room.

After the door slammed Lu grabbed her favorite stuffed animal, a dolphin named Lizzy, and crawled under her bed. She was a bad girl.

Lu arrived home for school with a smile on her face. Mrs. Anderson said that her story was going to be in a contest. It was a contest for children 8 and under, and Mrs. Anderson said that she wrote better then most 8-year-olds. "Mommy guess what!" She called excitedly.

Charlotte was seated in the kitchen, reading Business Week. She glanced up when her daughter came in. "Got a call from Mrs. Anderson today," she said.

"About my story!" Lu giggled excitedly, dropping her backpack on the white tiled floor.

"No." Charlotte said simply. "She wants you to get a tutor! A damn math tutor! Do you know how much those cost?!"

"Wh-what's a tutor?" Lu asked, imagining a man in a funny hat playing a horn.

"A tutor, darling, is a special teacher, for DUMB CHILDREN. And it's extremely expensive."


"Mmm-hmm," She through the magazine down on the table. "You should feel lucky I even bother keeping you!" She furiously grabbed at the girl.

"Help!" Lu screeched, dashing into the living room.

"Get back here you brat!" Charlotte shrieked, running after her.

Lu turned a sharp corner into the hallway, knocking over a big blue vase.

Charlotte gasped. "My mother's vase! You did that on purpose!" She yanked on the little girl's hair.

"Mommy you hurt!" She sobbed.

In a mixture of frustration and rage Charlotte slapped her across the face. "You're trying to ruin my life, aren't you?! We've been so kind, but you're just a demon!" She raised her hand, ready to smack the girl again.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Charlotte whirled around. Her neighbor, Marisa Stein was standing in the hallway, a look of disgust on her face.

"Get away from that child you monster!" She whisked down the hall, her black high-heels squeaking on the wooden floor. She pulled Lu up and practically dragged the terrified girl out of the house.

"Wait!" Charlotte cried. "Bring her back!"

"And I intend to call the authorities," Marisa called. "Bitch."

There's that bad word again, Lu thought. Mommy's going to be mad. I wonder if Mrs. Stein knows I'm a bad girl

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