[ Why you hidin'? ]

Looking out, all I can see

Sky's teardrops on my window screen

You look in my eyes but with cataracts

I placed them there so you can't watch me crack

You're chattin' up my masquerade

Playin' games with my charade

You think you're holding all the winning cards

But bet too much, you'll be forever scarred

Darkening clouds shadow hurting soul

Wondering just what day I lost control

The day emotions ceased my eyes were widened

C'mon you harmless bullies – why you hidin'?

I'll be chattin' up your masquerade

Playin' games with your charade

You know a flush ain't worth more than a fiver

Your scam'll be exposed if you're up higher

Close your curtains, close your eyes

You know now mine have pierced through all your lies

You are my twin deep down, just can't admit it

It's junk addiction – too "safe" just to quit it

And who's this chattin' up all our masquerades?

Playin' games with our charades?

Who discovered screaming truth would ruin our whole basis?

Who is it now looking past our stoic poker faces?