Authors note: (VERY IMPORTANT! READ!)

This is the second posting. I changed the rating, but it is still very important that you read this. I HAD to change the rating, cuz… well, fanfiction is being fanfiction. Enough said.

Oh! And, there will be the reviews that I got under the old version of the story at the end of each chapter, since it's going to be deleted. -mumbles incoherently-

OK, hopefully everyone reads this, because you need to know this about this story:

1. This is all, entirely my idea. Steal it and suffer a painful, horrible death.

2. If you are or were a Self-Injurer, DO NOT read this if you aren't in a safe place, because it is potentially very triggering.

3. If you are a self-injurer, please get help. It's not worth it, and you are loved.

4. This is a FICTION story! This is not based on anyone, not entirely. I got some of the ideas from real life, but it is fiction.

5. I will be posting this by months- meaning there might be one entry a chapter, or thirty.

Love yah'll,

Lav (Serena)


March 17th, 2002

Brooke dug through another layer of the papers and letters in the chest, and her hand hit something hard. "What the hell?" she muttered, pulling it out. "Why would Meg have a book hidden…" she trailed off when she realized that it was a journal- Meg's journal. She flipped to the first page, and a note fell out. She picked it up, and read:


I can only guess that it's you. I sure hope so, since you're the only one I would ever want reading my journal. You're my best friend, and I'm sorry for everything you're about to read… but maybe, it'll help you to understand.

-Meg, March 10th, 2002, 5:12 p.m."

Brooke bit her lip, and turned to the first page of the journal.

Reviews I got on this chapter before I had to re-post it:

Adrenaline (signed in: . ?userid=209620):

Hey Lav,
I liked this story, it was very deep and well written. It! -cries loudy- nah... I'm playin' but I like your story, it was really great!

Tigger (signed in: . ?userid=216423): i've said before~this is a very good story. and very triggering. Thanks for the warning...did'nt really matter tho. Well written. Write more!