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March 17th, 2002

Brooke wiped another tear from her eye, and picked up the note that was in the very back of the journal.


I am sure you've read everything by now… and maybe you understand. I love you, always remember that… you are the sister I never had, and my best friend. I am sorry that I had to do this to you, but I just can't handle it anymore… I am so sorry that it came to this, though… I never really wanted to die, but you have to understand that I had no other option. I only wish I could really get to tell you goodbye… I'll watch over you always, though, or try my hardest to…

Sisters & Friends forever,


Brooke completely burst into tears at that note. Oh God, Meg, why didn't you tell me any of this? I would have helped you, I would have done something, anything… Oh my God, she's really gone.

As she went to tuck the journal into the collection of Meg's things that she was taking home, a small razor fell out- one of the one's from the beginning. Brooke stared at it for a second, then picked it up and tucked it into the journal, too. But then she turned back to Meg's old desk, picked up a pen, and began writing: "Dear Journal…"

Authors Note: -ducks & hides from the sharp objects/rotten fruit being thrown at her- Ok, I am sorry, but it just had to have a sad ending, and you all knew this was coming. No, to answer the question that I know is going to be asked, I am probably not gonna actually write Brooke's journal, that's the only logical ending that my morbid little mind could come up with. I might though, if I get really ambitious… lol. Anyhow… I want to thank everyone who has/will review, you guys are awesome, and I love you all. This is sorta dedicated to a certain friend of mine right now… I love ya Tig, you're like a sis to me… you can do it.

Old reviews:


1.I thought it was really good, but I'm also
a disturbed child so.. (lol) the story
over? 'couse I think there's some more things
you add so, yeah.


Your amazing. I have never read anything so good. I love it. *hugz* well done

Crazy Kate (signed in: . ?userid=224982):

Oh dear this was sad :( I like it though, in a morbid way. It's a good idea, and well written.

Tigger (signed in: . ?userid=216423):

-struggles to put down the tomato- -stares as a tear slides down her cheek-
-is touched...- (this is getting serisous now..)
Lav...that was a really good story. Honestly...i couldn't ever do that. That would
hurt too many people...and i'm too chicken. -clucks-
-wipes away the tears-
i love you! and i hate and love this story!
(you understand what i mean...don't you?)