*Author's Note*

This kinda started out as a tale that would be put in another fic of mine "Hope Insanity Isn't Contagious", but as I wrote it, it became a separate thing entirely.

Here in this work of insanity, you will meet four characters that are based on real people. Matt, (a real life genius, handsome, and all around nice guy), Mischa, (the beautifully voiced young lady who personally requested that in this story that she be a marshmallow), Lyndsey, (beautiful and courageous, a constant encouragement to me), and myself, Becca.

There is a ton more of this story already written. 5000 words in all. I you review, it will encourage me to get it up fasterJ

Insanity is Contagious

It had started out innocently enough.

Matt liked marshmallows. Liked their shape, liked their color, liked their texture, liked the way they were opaque, liked how they were so soft, liked everything about them.

He would sit, for hours at a time, and look at one marshmallow after another. He would observe them from all angles, the bottom, the top, all around the sides. He would weigh them on his marshmallow scale. He would place it on the table before him and stare at it.

Matt's mother was perhaps a little worried. She'd never heard of anyone obsessing over marshmallows before, but then, she supposed that there were worse things he could be doing then staring at marshmallows. . . For hours. After all, what harm could come of marshmallows?

Time passed and the obsession grew. He lay awake at night and into the wee hours of the morning, staring at the ceiling, thinking only of puffy marshmallows. When Matt accompanied his mother to the grocery store and stood transfixed before the marshmallows, drool dribbling from the corners of his mouth, dripping off his chin to form a small pool at his feet. His mother stopped taking him to the store.

Then, one fateful night, he dreamt of the perfect marshmallow. . . A big, puffy white marshmallow. . . With fuzzy orange hair. From that moment on, Matt dedicated his life to finding this perfect marshmallow and making a Hot Fudge smore out of it.

Now of course, this would be no easy task seeing as marshmallows with fuzzy orange hair were extraordinarily rare. It would take careful preparation and planning.

As his first step, Matt decided to take over the world and, of course, he was just the guy to do it. Spectacularly brilliant, (as brilliant people go), drop dead gorgeous, (girls within a one hundred foot radius would suddenly start stuttering and those fainter of heart swooned dead away. This is known to scientists as the "Matt Effect". At this time, modern science has not yet been able to explain this strange phenomena), and a huge ego, (An absolute must).

Being both brilliant and a genius, (at the same time. It is uncertain how he manages this), Matt could have done it in any number of ways. Being the guy that he was, Matt decided to accomplish this feat with his astoundingly drop dead gorgeousness.

He bought up the world's entire supply of orange tictacs, (and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeths), and brought them all to his Canadian basement lair. There, he used his devastating handsomeness to completely overwhelm the tictacs. (Orange tictacs, as is common knowledge, are all female.) The poor tictacs were helpless, becoming totally Matt's. Obedient to a fault, they carried out their masters bidding and soon Matt became the ruler of the world.

It was a slow day, as slow as days got when one rules the world. Matt had finished briefing his tictacs and settle back to more. . . Pleasurable pursuits.

Although his mind was unceasingly fixed upon finding the perfect marshmallow, he was a great guy. Being such a great guy, and knowing that he was God's gift to women, he was gracious enough to allow women into his hallowed presence.

The two girls on either side of him were in heaven, watching him with wide open eyes as if unable to believe that they were so close to him. The girls at his feet were completely spellbound, laughing at all the little jokes he made and agreeing with everything he said. Every now and then, one of them would faint and a legion of tictacs would have to drag her out of the range of the "Matt-effect" where she could be revived.

Matt was, maybe, enjoying this very much, being a guy and all, and was about to suggest that they all get a little closer when a little orange tictac jumped onto his lap with a piece of paper.

A strange light kindled in Matt's eyes and he stood slowly, as if waking from a dream.

"At last," he breathed," I have found it."